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Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2021
Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2021
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  • Maintenance: Email VTE Product Grid Layout (April 28)
    In an effort to continuously improve VTE, we’ve made optimizations to reduce the size of the HTML code and streamline the configurable settings to help reduce clipping in Gmail. With this effort, link wrapping is no longer available when using product attributes in the grid layout. The product image and the call-to-action will still link to the product page.

  • Communicate: Transactional API Documentation Upgrade (March 24)
    Our Transactional API Documentation got a new look and feel! Check out our easy-to-use with tabbed out navigation Transactional API Documentation here.

  • Communicate: Saved Settings Redesign (March 15)

    The saved settings functionality in the Email Visual Template Editor got a new look and feel! Quickly and easily add previously configured widget settings to a new widget or save these widget settings for future use!

  • Communicate and Advertise: Campaign Foldering (March 15)

    Our new foldering capabilities have been extended to Bluecore Communicate™ and Advertise™ campaigns! You can now create folders, create hierarchal structures within folders, and move campaigns into folders. This functionality is coming soon to Bluecore Site™!

  • Communicate: Personalization Performance Report (March 15)

    We’ve added a new report to our suite of Enhanced Analytics that provides an overview of how your personalized batch campaigns compare against static batch emails. You can also see for the first time how predictive compares against dynamic product recommendations in your email campaigns!

  • Communicate: Batch Audience Exports (March 15)
    Keep your customer list up-to-date in tools outside of Bluecore with our batch audience exports functionality that’s now available for one-time exports.

  • Communicate: Improved Code Size of the Dynamic Product Block Widget in Email VTE (February 8)
    We’ve improved the size of the code in our product grid layout in the dynamic product block widgets! By reducing the size of this code, this layout is now about 15% smaller, ultimately decreasing the overall HTML size.

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