Release Notes

Bluecore's product updates, features, and releases.

21 articles

Getting Started

Learn more about getting set up and onboarded with Bluecore and begin sending campaigns.

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Technical Support

How to contact the Bluecore support team.

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Build, segment, analyze, and predict groups of customers to deliver highly-targeted cross-channel campaigns.

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Bluecore Communicate™ Email

Create, edit, and manage your fully-responsive, dynamic, personalized email campaigns.

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Bluecore Site™

Grow, maintain, and engage your shoppers on-site with Bluecore Site™.

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Bluecore Communicate™ Mobile

Learn more about how to build a mobile messaging program with behavioral and merchandising triggers, batch SMS campaigns, and cross-channel (email, Site™, and Advertise™).

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Bluecore Advertise™

Create meaningful 1:1 connections across paid media channels using predictive models.

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Analytics & Reporting

Learn more about critical business insights and metrics available through Bluecore's dashboards.

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Creative Asset Management

Manage fonts, images, and all other creative assets necessary to create a campaign.

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Data Management

Import and manage your customer and coupon data within Bluecore.

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Developer Docs

Understand the technical requirements and steps necessary to integrate with Bluecore through JavaScript, API, and event feeds.

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Marketplace Integrations

Integrate your favorite third-party applications with Bluecore.

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Account Settings

Manage users, billing, and account-level settings.

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