Managing Campaigns

Learn more about how to organize your Bluecore Communicate™ and Advertise™ campaigns with folders.

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Use Bluecore’s new foldering feature to quickly and easily organize your campaigns for all of Bluecore's product lines (Communicate™, Advertise™, and Site™). You can: create new folders, create a hierarchical structure within folders, and move campaigns into folders.

Access campaign foldering by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Communicate, Site, or Advertise.

  3. Click Automated or One-Time Campaigns for Communicate, or Campaigns for Site and Advertise.


View, search, and sort folders and campaigns with the following actions:

  • For Bluecore Communicate™ and Advertise™: Apply filters by type, attribute, channel, or status to view folders/campaigns.

  • For Bluecore Site™: Apply filters by type, template type, device, status, or folder.

  • Use the search bar in the upper right-hand corner of the page to search for folders/campaigns. Search is available only within the folder you’re currently in (localized search). At this time, you cannot delete/archive campaigns, but rather batch move them.


Create a folder from the campaigns list page or within an existing folder for all Bluecore product lines.

  1. Click the + New button in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

  2. Click Create New Folder.

  3. Enter a Name for the Folder.

  4. Click Create.

A folder can also be created from within a folder by using the arrow next to the breadcrumb.


Add campaigns to a folder by either of the following actions:

  • Navigate into the folder and create a campaign directly from the folder.

  • Click the + New button in the upper right-hand corner to create a new campaign directly from the folder.

  • Use the batch select option with the checkbox on the left-side of the campaign to select campaigns. Then, click the move to foldering icon at the top of the table.


When deleting a folder in Bluecore Communicate™ or Advertise™, all campaigns within that folder will also be deleted. Folders (with campaigns) can be deleted by either of the following actions:

  • Using the three dots on the campaigns listing page.

  • Using the delete action available in the folder breadcrumb.

When deleting a folder, a confirmation popup appears to remind you that all campaigns in that folder will be deleted. This action cannot be undone.

For Bluecore Site™, folders can only be deleted if there are no campaigns within the folder. Folders containing campaigns may only be archived.

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