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Getting Started with Bluecore's Enhanced Analytics
Getting Started with Bluecore's Enhanced Analytics

Learn more about getting started with Bluecore's enhanced analytics.

Updated over a week ago

In addition to our campaign analytics, Bluecore now has enhanced reporting, supported via Looker. These are the new available reports:

  • Deliverability Overview: View additional insight into email deliverability by ISP and domain to ensure best-in-class email inbox placement.

  • Campaign Comparison: View a deep dive of period over period performance comparisons to identify trends and campaign optimization opportunities.

  • Email Report Card: View an essential summary of email performance metrics and industry benchmarks to prove the value of your personalized email program.

  • Email Program Details: View a snapshot of your entire email program with Bluecore.

  • Personalization Performance: View insight into how your personalization batch campaigns are measuring against static batch campaigns.

  • Smart Content Report: View insight into how Smart Content widgets are performing.

TIP: Easily understand performance across your entire multi-brand and multi-geo account through rolled up reporting. Click here to learn more about our multi-account reporting capabilities.

Before diving into each of the reports, read through some of the below basic information about report functionalities and key elements.


All of the reports within the enhanced analytics can be downloaded, sent, or scheduled. Click the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen for options.

  • Download as PDF: Enter a file name and configure advanced options (single column format, expand tables, paper size). Then, click open in browser or download.

  • Download as CSV: An immediate download of the report is available as a .csv file.

  • Send: Enter a title for the report, select a destination, enter email addresses for the report to be sent to, format the data as a PDF, visualization, or CSV zip file, add or remove filters, and configure advanced options (include links, single column layout, expand tables, and paper size).

  • Schedule: Create multiple schedules for delivery of reports. The above send settings can be configured here.


Filters are used at the top of each report to further refine the visualized data set. Each of the reports has different filter operators that are available within them. 

  • Is equal to

  • Contains

  • Starts with

  • Ends with

  • Is blank

  • Is null

  • Is not equal to

  • Doesn’t contain

  • Doesn’t start with

  • Doesn’t end with

  • Is not blank

  • Is not null

  • NOTE: Please note that the matches a user attribute is currently not supported within Bluecore’s enhanced analytics.


The settings values are the values that are entered/selected when creating filters. For example:

  • Field: The campaign classification

  • Operator: Equals

  • Value: Triggered

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