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Q2: May 1 - July 31, 2020
Q2: May 1 - July 31, 2020
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  • User Experience Update: Audience Builder (May 6)
    You can now multi-select campaigns when configuring an audience in the audience builder!

  • One-Click Holdout Groups (May 11)
    Holdout groups are a group of users that are purposely separated from the rest of an audience, used to test against when sending a campaign. Set up a holdout group for any campaign with just a single click!

  • Custom Image URL (May 11)
    When configuring dynamic product recommendations, you can now select the product image source as either the default image source or a custom source. For example, a custom source can be used to display a customized product, such as a customized photo album, mug, or phone case in an email.

  • Enhanced Reporting (May 13)
    In addition to Bluecore’s campaign analytics, Bluecore now has enhanced reporting, supported via looker. Check out our three new reports: Deliverability Overview, Campaign Comparison, and Email Report Card. 📈

  • Currency Update (May 14)
    You can now view the correct currency symbols in email analytics based on the purchase data Bluecore is receiving. Previously, the email analytics displayed revenue visually only using the USD symbol. 💰 💵
    NOTE: Looker international namespaces coming soon.

  • Email Test List (May 15)
    Configure a list of email addresses to send a copy of a test message to on the campaign summary page. Add email addresses to the email test list by navigating to the flag icon on the left-hand side of the navigation > Settings > Campaign Testing.

    Email addresses that are added in the marketing settings will auto-populate when using the send test functionality on the campaign summary page. Email addresses can be added or removed before sending the test message.

  • Updated Navigation (May 18)
    Our campaign creation navigation has a new look and feel! This update allows you to better organize and streamline your workflows across each of Bluecore’s product lines (Communicate, Site, and Advertise).

  • Bluecore Site™ (May 18)
    Bluecore Site™ is a customer acquisition and revenue-driving platform that retailers can use to grow their email lists by 40% and increase conversions on-site by 73%. Click here to learn more about Bluecore Site™.

  • Performance Improvements: Campaign List Page (June 4)
    Our campaign list page is now loading up to 10x faster than before! Last week, we made some changes to our campaign cache, allowing new campaigns load times to be consistently quicker and reduce latency.

  • Null Options in Customer Attributes (June 5)
    We’ve recently enabled the option to filter customer attributes by anyone that does or doesn't have a value for an attribute. You can now see the options is null and is not null in the customer attributes drop-down.

  • Email Eligibility (June 8)

    Over the coming months, users will get rolling access to important updates to Email Eligibility that make it easier to manage customer lists and reach as many customers as possible.

    NOTE: While the below updates can be enabled in some user accounts without user input, the Bluecore customer success team will need to work directly with many users to determine the best way to represent their customer list in our system going forward.

    Global Settings by Campaign Type
    You'll have the option to enforce opt-ins when determining Email Eligibility for triggered campaigns, while all Promotional/Batch campaigns default to enforce explicit opt-ins. When this is available in your account, you'll navigate to the flag icon > Communicate > Communicate Settings > Email Eligibility to view your settings and reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you’d like to make a change. Learn More.

Audience Builder Flexibility
Create audiences based on any customer Email Eligibility status to understand list health and size across email and non-email channels. Learn More.

  • User Experience Update: Multi-Select for Integers in Customer Attributes (June 11)
    Quickly target customer segments by multi-selecting values for all data types without creating multiple audiences.

  • Link Wrapping in Email Visual Template Editor (June 17)
    You can now remove links from any product attributes within a VTE dynamic product block. Reducing the number of links in your email may help with Gmail message clipping.

  • User Experience Update: A/B Testing (June 18)
    Previously in the campaign creation flow, you were initially locked into an A/B test if selected. Now, you can enable or disable an A/B test at any point during the campaign drafting flow.

  • User Experience Update: Customer 360 Page (June 22)
    Check out our latest design update to the Customer 360 page! Customize the visible customer attributes on this page to learn more about your customers! Click here for an overview on our Customer 360 page.

  • User Experience Update: Previewing Templates (June 23)
    No more messy error messages when viewing a preview of a proof! Check out our new design that lets you know when a preview of a proof is not available. Have any questions? Contact our Support Team at

  • Audience Builder Updates (June 25)
    Our audience builder might look a little different to you! Email eligibility is now the first section within audience builder for all customers. Use email eligibility to manage customer lists and reach as many customers as possible. Learn more about email eligibility here.

  • Custom Fields Updates (June 29)
    If you were previously using preference segments located within the customer attributes section, this will now live under the custom fields section located at the bottom of the audience builder.

  • Bluecore Dashboard Updates (July 1)
    Our Bluecore Dashboard and Audience Insights will now update on Tuesday mornings, rather than Monday mornings (because nobody likes Monday’s anyway, right?). Be sure to check it out first thing Tuesday morning for new data!

  • Updates to Discount Pricing in Email Template Editor (July 14)
    You can now add a sale and original price to blocks within the email visual template editor! Check the show original price checkbox to show and configure a sale price alongside a product’s original price for discounted products.

  • New Mobile Padding Option in VTE (July 15)
    Configure different padding configurations for mobile devices to ensure your email looks perfect no matter where it's opened!

  • Audience AND/OR functionality (July 20)
    Create more robust audiences with new audience operators on customer attributes, and use additional audience selectors with our updated audience builder. Click here to learn more about Bluecore’s audience builder.

  • Multi-Account Capabilities (July 20)
    Manage multiple brands and geolocations by copying email templates and audiences across accounts, and set user permissions at a global level. Click here to learn more about our new multi-account capabilities.

  • Additional Apple Mail Support (July 21)
    We’ve added additional email proofing support for Apple Mail dark mode 12 and 13 and Apple Mail 13. At this time, Bluecore will no longer support email proofing for Apple Mail 10 and 11.

  • Audience Builder Update (July 29)
    You can now filter customer behaviors by the number of orders your customers placed. Filter by the number of orders placed in a specified time frame.

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