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Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2020
Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2020
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  • Performance Improvements: Email Campaigns Page (March 10)
    API endpoints that are being used on our email campaigns page are now up to 10x faster! We’ve optimized this endpoint to improve latency, especially for our Bluecore power users - hope you enjoy the lightning speed! ⚡
    Be on the look out for additional performance improvements in the coming months! 

  • Performance Improvements: Campaign Duplication Workflow (March 12)
    There’s no need to wait 10 minutes to edit a duplicated campaign! Check out the progress bar we’ve added to the campaign flow for better visibility into viewing and editing your new campaign! 

  • Smart Content (March 16)
    Configure product specific content in your email templates to extend the personalization power of dynamic product recommendations and reduce the need for campaign-level segmentation. 

  • Performance Improvements: Loading Analytics Pages (March 18)
    Our analytics-related pages are now loading up to 2x faster! View your analytics quickly and easily without having to wait for pages to load. 

  • Performance Improvements: Analytics and Summary Tabs (March 23)
    We’ve reorganized our tabs when viewing a campaign. Click a campaign to automatically view the message summary and proofs without having to wait for the analytics to load. ✉️ 

  • Updates to Frequency Cap Settings Preview (April 9)
    You can now view your previously applied frequency cap rules before sending a campaign! While these rules are globally applied to your email program, you can view an at-a-glance summary of frequency cap settings before campaign deployment. 

  • Emojis in Subject Lines and Preview Text (April 27)
    Use Bluecore's emoji picker to quickly and easily add emojis into your email subject lines and preview text! 😄 🎉 🔥 ❤️ 

  • Bypass Auto-Prioritizer/Global Frequency Capping (April 29)
    You now have the ability to ignore all possible frequency capping (including Auto-Prioritizer) when sending a campaign. This override functionality ensures that everyone who qualifies for the audience will receive an email. This feature is built for critical campaigns, such as holiday sales, where you may want to email everyone on the list.

    Check out our documentation on campaign-level and global frequency caps.

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