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A frequency cap restricts the number of times a customer is sent an email within a given timeframe. There are two methods to do suppression criteria:

  • Campaign Suppression: Restricts the current campaign against a list of campaigns within the specified timeframe.

  • Campaign Type Suppression: Restricts the current campaign against a campaign type (such as all promotional, transactional, or triggered) within the specified timeframe. The customer may still receive emails from another campaign type.

When creating frequency caps, you have the option to allow Auto-Prioritizer to run and ignore this setting, or override and honor your own frequency cap. Learn more about Auto-Prioritizer here. 

  • NOTE: Auto-Prioritizer is an advanced feature. To upgrade, please contact your Client Success Manager.

Frequency caps created here are supplemental to any other previously configured frequency caps, such as global frequency caps.


  1. Navigate to Audiences > All Audiences.

  2. Click Create New Audience.

  3. Select the audience type.

  4. Click Customer Behaviors.

  5. Click + Add customer behavior.

  6. Select Receive email from the drop-down.

  7. Select did not from the modifier drop-down. This excludes customers who received emails within the specified timeframe.

Next, either add specific campaigns, or add the campaign type to the filter.


Example 1 (without Auto-Prioritizer): Add multiple campaigns to suppress against particular campaigns.

Example 2 (with Auto-Prioritizer): Add a triggered filter to suppress against all other triggered campaigns.

Example 3: Add a promotional filter to suppress against all other promotional/batch campaigns


  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

  2. Go to Communicate.

  3. Then Automated Campaigns.

  4. Click Create New Campaign.

  5. Select the Email Channel.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Select a Triggered Campaign. For example, Abandoned Cart.

  8. Click Create Campaign.

  9. Navigate to the frequency capping section.

  10. Select to use Auto-Prioritizer to optimize frequency capping, Override Auto-Prioritizer with the configured frequency rules, or Override Auto-Prioritizer to send to your entire audience.

  • User Auto-Prioritizer to optimize frequency capping for each customer: Global frequency caps are not honored when using Auto-Prioritizer. Auto-Prioritizer will run and optimize the campaign send.

  • Override Auto-Prioritizer with the always enforced frequency rules below: Configure any additional campaign-level frequency cap rules here.

  • Override Auto-Prioritizer to send to your entire audience: Override the Auto-Prioritizer functionality and deliver this send to the entire audience.

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