Set up campaign notifications to receive an email for one-time, daily, weekly, or monthly email campaigns. Get notified when these campaigns have started and completed sending.

  • NOTE: Send time optimized and hourly campaigns are not eligible for campaign notifications.

  • Audience: The total number of recipients who qualified to receive this campaign.

  • Suppression: The total number of recipients of the qualifying audience that did not receive this campaign. Suppression rules may include: frequency capping (minimum time between emails), template errors, not enough product recommendations, ESP connection errors, and domain suppression.

  • Sent: The total number of emails deployed in this campaign.


The email addresses to be notified are configured in Account Settings. Configure campaign notifications by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.

  2. Go to Communicate.

  3. Then Settings.

  4. Click the Campaign Notifications tab on the marketing settings page.

  5. Select Started or Completed for the campaign notifications you wish to receive. This setting applies to all future campaigns. These notifications can be configured on the campaign-level and are further explained below.

  6. Enter a email address(es) to be notified.

  7. Click Save in the lower right-hand corner.


After you've configured the email addresses to be notified and which email alerts, the next step is to configure the campaign-level notifications.

1. Navigate to an email campaign that has not yet been sent.
2. Navigate to the summary tab of the campaign.
3. Scroll down the campaign summary to the campaign settings.
4. Click Edit on the campaign settings.
5. Enable or disable the campaign send notifications or completed notifications.

  • Send Notification: An email will be sent when the campaign has started sending. This notification includes an email preview.

  • Completed Notification: An email will be sent when the campaign has finished sending. This notification includes the number of emails sent and an email preview.

6. Click Save.

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