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Using Emojis in an Email Subject Line and Preview Text
Using Emojis in an Email Subject Line and Preview Text

Learn more about Bluecore’s support for using emojis in subject lines and preview text.

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Emojis are a fun way to communicate with your customers in emails. Using emojis can save space in your subject line, build emotion within the email, and make your email stand out in the inbox. 😃 

You may have noticed them more and more in your own personal inbox - both within subject lines and preview text, and now Bluecore supports both!

Before getting started, check out our partner, Email on Acid’s blog - A Practical Guide to Using Emojis in Email for some quick tips.


Quickly and easily add emojis to your subject line or preview text when building an email campaign!

Click the emoji symbol to open the emoji picker and let the fun begin! Navigate through the different tabs of emoji’s or use the search functionality to find what you need.


Emojis differ from device and browser version. Here are a few tips that we recommend when using emojis:

  • Always view your email proofs! This is a good indication of how the emojis will look.

  • Test across multiple email clients using the preview and test functionality on the campaign summary page. View different devices, operating systems, and email clients to see how the emojis will render.

  • Send a test email to yourself and test across different email clients and browsers. This process is a little manual, but may help if you’re testing a specific email client.

  • The more popular emojis may render better across different inboxes. Because they’re being used frequently, their inbox rendering support may be wider.

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