Bluecore Transparent Identification
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Bluecore utilizes a patented and deterministic method to identify anonymous web traffic using a blend of identity, behavioral, and product data.

This includes various online activities and offline transactional data such as account registrations, logins, email captures, loyalty IDs, online/offline purchases, email appends and more.

With a foundation of identity tied to product and behavior data you can:

  • Trigger, personalize, and prioritize marketing communications

  • Achieve 100% personalization in marketing communications through product recommendations, content intelligence, and offer management

  • Utilize a unified communication platform that consolidates predictive analytics, triggers, email, Site, and Mobile marketing needs

Bluecore factors that impact the ID Rate:

  • JS integration

  • Purchase Pixel

  • Email Appends

  • Bluecore Site™ Capture

  • Bluecore Transparent ID Network

JS Integration

Bluecore’s customer experience platform enables personalized digital communications based on both individual behavior and catalog data. Powered by Bluecore’s JavaScript snippet, it creates a Customer 360 profile for every visitor, tracking shopper behaviors using fault-tolerant first-party cookies and local storage sync.

Bluecore deterministically matches visitor behaviors to an identity upon submission of identifiers like email, phone number, or Loyalty ID via email appends, purchases, email captures, newsletter sign-ups, or account logins. Once identified, visitors are automatically eligible for personalized communications across all channels.

The Bluecore JavaScript integration, added to the client's website frontend, allows collection of both shopper identity and product behavior online. Follow this guide on how to integrate the Bluecore Javascript with your website.

Purchase Pixel

Adding the Bluecore purchase pixel to confirmation pages enhances tracking accuracy. Follow this guide on how to add the pixel in your integration.

Email Appends

Email appends involve adding a shopper identifier to other ESPs' URLs, enabling Bluecore to link a shopper's onsite behavior to an email address, facilitating highly personalized emails. Follow this guide on how to add an email append to non-Bluecore emails.

Bluecore Site™ Capture

Bluecore Site™ Capture ensures immediate ID capture upon email or phone number submission online. When Bluecore hosts the capture modals, it provides greater control over A/B Testing and capture strategy, optimizing the process for maximizing ID capture. Follow this guide on how to get started with Bluecore Site™.

Bluecore Transparent ID Network

Bluecore’s Transparent ID Network aids in re-identifying shoppers who might be known but visit your website in ways that render them anonymous. This ensures that retailers capitalize on every opportunity to engage and personalize customer experiences. Bluecore differs from co-op based networks by providing retailers with the ability to receive identification data without having to share proprietary information about their customers with other retail brands. Follow this guide how to integrate with the Bluecore Transparent ID Network.

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