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Bluecore Transparent ID Nework
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Elevate your identification rates with the Bluecore Transparent Identification Network - the largest, most secure, and compliant 1st party ID network consisting of over 900M email addresses captured deterministically from 5,000+ brands & publishers, and processing 10B events daily.

The network ensures seamless re-identification of website visitors across devices and guarantees ID certainty, substantially elevating ID rates and unlocking wider reach and incremental revenue opportunities through key triggered campaigns.

Follow this guide to learn more about how to integrate with the Bluecore Transparent ID Network.


  • Boost your identification rates by re-identifying shoppers who were previously identified but now appear anonymous for various reasons when returning to your website. This can occur when someone refreshes their cookies, switches to a new browser, or uses a new device, etc.

  • Optimize reach and drive higher performance by delivering more highly personalized communications across channels

  • Gain full visibility into your identification rate and its source contribution to monitor performance, assess incremental gains, and address any issues affecting your identification rate growth.


The Bluecore Transparent ID Network aids in re-identifying shoppers who might be known but visit your website in ways that render them anonymous.

For example:

  • A shopper clicks from a paid ad on a new device, bypassing email tracking

  • A shopper clears their cookies, resetting their browsing history

  • An in-store shopper whose email has been sent to Bluecore, visits the site organically using an unrecognized device –

All these scenarios lead to anonymous visits. This is where the Transparent ID Network proves invaluable, enabling the re-identification of these shoppers already existing in your database. Rather than sending them generic broadcast messages, you can now re-engage these shoppers more effectively using highly personalized communications.

Our Transparent identity solution is built around a first-party data set that is authenticated daily through active engagements with email newsletters and various media channels across the web. The network uses browser metadata to return a hashed email address of the shopper. Bluecore does not share any data with the network. This means that Bluecore customers are able to leverage the benefits of the ID network without having to share their data back into the network, making it more compliant and secure.

Follow this guide to learn more about how to integrate with the Bluecore Transparent ID Network.

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