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Getting Started with Bluecore Site™
Getting Started with Bluecore Site™

Learn more about the steps necessary to create and launch an on-site campaign with Bluecore.

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Grow your email list, retain and engage users, and increase conversion on your website with Bluecore Site™ !

This article outlines the following sections of creating a Bluecore Site™ campaign:

Quickly and easily create an on-site popup from within the Bluecore platform by following the below steps.

1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.

2. Go to Site.

3. Click New in the upper right-hand corner.

4. Then Campaign.

5. Select a Campaign Type.

6. Click Next.


1. Enter a Campaign Name.
2. Determine when to start and end the campaign (Start at Launch, Start Date/Time, No End Date, End Date/Time).
3. Select a Display Time.

  • All Day: The popup will display continuously.

  • Specific Times: Determine a specific timeframe for the popup to display.

4. Configure your suppression rules. Suppression rules are the defined criteria that determine when a popup will and will not be shown to a user. 

  • Show the popup until it has been displayed for: Determine the frequency of how many times the popup will be displayed until it is suppressed.

  • Show the popup until: Display the popup until it has been closed or engaged with.

  • Always show (no suppression rules): Always display the popup without any suppression rules.

5. Click Save & Continue in the lower right-hand corner.


Define your campaign targeting criteria that determine when to display a campaign.

1. Select which device to display a campaign on (Desktop or Mobile).

2. Then, create your own targeting criteria from scratch or from an existing rule.


Build out a target for your campaign. The targeting conditions include URL behaviors, visit frequency and engagement, date/time, and other conditions.

Learn more about the different targeting conditions that can be used when building a campaign with Bluecore Site here.

After you've built and saved your rules, click Save & Continue.


1. Select a Template Type.

  • Fullscreen: A popup overlay displaying over the majority of the users screen.

  • Popup: A partial screen overlay.

  • Banner: A block at the top or bottom of the website.

  • Inline: Embedded on the page based on a divID.

2. Next, create a template. When creating a template, there are three options:

  • Create a template in the Visual Template Editor

  • Create a template in the Code Editor

  • Create a template from a Template: When selecting this option, you can create a new campaign from an existing template that has previously been saved to your account, or use one of Bluecore’s previously built templates that have been added to your account.

3. Click Save & Continue.


View an at-a-glance summary for all of the previously configured settings from the above steps.

Click Edit on any of the sections to adjust any of the previously configured settings.


After you've reviewed all of your settings, targeting rules, and campaign message, click Launch Campaign in the lower right-hand corner to make your popup live!


Please use this article to complete a quality assurance check and test a campaign when setting the campaigns live.

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