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Integrate with Bluecore Transparent ID Network
Integrate with Bluecore Transparent ID Network
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The Bluecore Transparent ID Network, powered by LiveIntent, is one of the world’s largest people-based marketing platforms, connecting over 5,000 publishing and advertising brands with over 900M verified email addresses every month. Our Transparent identity solution is built around a first-party data set that is authenticated daily through active engagements with email newsletters and various media channels across the web.

Key Highlights:

  • Deterministic ID resolution

  • Email appends within 2,500 publisher newsletters

  • JS on 5,000 websites to further resolve IDs

  • SOC 2 compliant


NOTE: This is an advanced feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager to learn more.

Before Getting Started:

  • Be sure your Email Eligibility settings are configured to send triggers to known traffic (vs. requiring explicit opt-in) to ensure that you don’t limit the reach of the ID Network.

Integration Work:

  • The Bluecore FDE team will add the requisite code to your integration.

  • If your website has security measures to control outbound calls to specific domains, your tech team will need to authorize calls to the following (sub)domains:







Bluecore will ping an API using a function in the code snippet. This function returns hashed email information to Bluecore. These hashes will allow Bluecore to identify shoppers visiting from unidentified devices, who are already in your known universe i.e. your email list. Bluecore will not be identifying prospects (shoppers who are not present in the email list). Also, Bluecore will not be sending any data to the network.

LiveIntent will not filter its API responses by your email list. This means that Bluecore’s implementation design will handle this filtering before updating identified email addresses to the database. Due to this design, there will be a 1 hour delay for Liveintent identification.

Implementation Steps:

  • Implement Liveintent’s distributor tag

    • Distributor tags are provided by LiveIntent to Bluecore.

    • Bluecore will add these Distributor tags to Bluecore JS (Tag Piggybacking).

    • You will have to authorize your website domain to use this tag.

  • Call Liveintent API

    • Bluecore JS will load Liveintent’s code asynchronously.

    • Ping the Liveintent API to retrieve the hashed email addresses of the web visitor.

    • Bluecore will not be sending any data to LiveIntent.

  • Update Bluecore Database

    • An hourly chrono job will determine if the hashed email address from Liveintent exists in your know universe or the email list.

    • Update the cookie <> email address mapping in Bluecore database.


Q: What data is captured by Liveintent?

  • A: Liveintent uses browser metadata such as IP address, User Agent, Referral, etc. to identify the shopper’s email address.

Q: How is this data used?

  • A: Liveintent uses browser metadata to return a hashed email address of the shopper. Bluecore does not share any data with Liveintent.

Q: What is the expected lift in Identification (ID) rate using Liveintent?

  • A: We’ve partnered with Liveintent for several clients, and based on the results customers are seeing 10%-40% lift in ID rates.

Q: Is Liveintent identification real-time?

  • A: Liveintent data is captured in real-time from the frontend and is reconciled in our system on a <= 1 hour delay.

Q: Is identification of website visitors hampered by users who go incognito or use InPrivate Window?

  • A: Not entirely. Given that every device has an IP address, that signal combined with other attributes are leveraged as ingredients to help identify the website visitor.

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