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Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2022
Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2022
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  • Site: Using Google Analytics with Bluecore Site™ Campaigns (March 21)
    Easily add Google Analytics tracking parameters to Bluecore Site™ campaigns, including: viewed, clicked, closed, and engaged.

  • Site: Copying Bluecore Site™ Campaigns (March 21)
    You can now copy a Bluecore Site™ campaign creative from one account to another.

  • Site: Linked Campaigns (March 21)
    Trigger a Bluecore Site™ campaign based on another action taken on another campaign or on the website. By linking campaigns to an action, you can build a sequenced experienced in a simplified workflow.

  • Site: Add a Tab to a Bluecore Site™ Campaign (March 21)
    Bluecore Site™ campaigns can now be accompanied by a tab campaign that a shopper can engage with when they are ready to. A campaign can start off collapsed into the tab and expanded upon click, or a pop-up can appear first and “minimized” into a tab upon closing.

  • Communicate: Pre-built Email Templates (February 28)

    Check out Bluecore’s new pre-built email templates to help you get your email marketing program up and running quickly. There are three template types available: Abandoned Cart, Abandoned Product, and Abandoned Search.

  • Site: Updated Error Messages (February 2)
    We've updated the error messages that appear when creating a campaign in the Bluecore Site™ workflow. Gain a better understanding of what is missing to advance and how to fix it.

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