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Bluecore Site™ Linked Campaigns

Learn more about triggering an on-site campaign based on another campaign or an action on the website.

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Bluecore Site™ linked campaigns allow a personalized, yet targeted on-site campaign experience that is unique to your customers. This campaign is set up to display when customers complete a specific action on your website or from a previous Bluecore Site™ campaign. This campaign type can be set up with any Bluecore Site™ campaign types. A linked campaign can be set up on an existing campaign or a new campaign.

Example use cases of Bluecore Site™ linked campaigns are:

  • Trigger a email signup campaign when a notify me button is clicked on the website

  • Trigger a promotional banner on the top of the website when an email address is captured from a popup or inline campaign

  • Trigger a disclaimer on your website when the privacy link on your website is hovered over

Create a linked Bluecore Site™ campaign by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Site.

  3. Click New in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Then campaign.

  5. Select a campaign type.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Configure the applicable campaign settings (campaign name, start/end time, and suppression rules).

  8. Click Save & Continue in the lower right-hand corner.


  1. Navigate to a previously configured Bluecore Site™ campaign.

  2. Click the targeting tab.


1. Select to display this campaign on desktop or mobile.

2. Configure any targeting criteria. Any targeting conditions that are required to trigger this campaign should be configured here. For example, not showing this campaign on cart pages or suppressing this campaign from displaying again after it’s already been displayed to an identified user.

3. Select that this campaign is triggered based on an action on the website.

4. Then, select how the campaign is triggered: from a Bluecore campaign or an action on the website.

  • Bluecore campaign: Trigger this campaign from an already existing Bluecore campaign.

  • Action on website: Trigger this campaign from an action that’s taken on your website, such as a click, hover, or focus. Then, configure these additional two settings:

    • Which part of the website triggers this campaign: This campaign is triggered based on a specific element of your website. Follow the instructions outlined here to enter that specific element into Bluecore.

    • What user action triggers this campaign: click, hover, or focus.

5. Click Save & Continue in the lower right-hand corner.


Set up the campaign just as you would any other Bluecore Site™ campaign by using the Visual Template Editor outlined here. If you’ve already set up a campaign and are just adding a linked campaign to this one, you can skip this section.


After the content of the campaign has been set up, the next step is to configure the trigger settings for this campaign. Once you’re in a campaign within VTE, navigate to the settings tab, then the trigger tab.

1. Select a triggering event from the drop-down menu, such as click or close a campaign.

2. Select a campaign to launch as the event is triggered. This campaign must be previously set up to be available here

3. Enter a number of seconds to trigger the campaign once the event occurs.

4. Repeat the above steps to add any additional triggers to this campaign.

5. After you’ve configured the applicable triggers, click Save Template in the upper right-hand corner.

6. Then, click Save and Publish.


Q: How do I know which Bluecore Site™ campaigns are connected?

  • A: On the targeting configuration, a list of connected campaigns is displayed.

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