Using Google Analytics with Bluecore Site™

Learn more about how to configure Google Analytics tracking parameters for Bluecore Site™ campaigns.

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Quickly and easily add Google Analytics tracking parameters to Bluecore Site™ campaigns. This integration allows you to track clicked, closed, engaged, and viewed events from a campaign. Configure Google Analytics tracking parameters by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to a Bluecore Site™ campaign.

  2. Navigate to the bottom of the message tab.

  3. Next to the template configuration, select Tracking Parameters from the drop-down menu.

  4. Configure the following settings for the clicked, closed, engaged, and viewed events.

    1. Event Category: The name of the group of events that are being tracked. For example, call-to-action buttons. Select from: campaign, static, or user.

    2. Event Action: The type of interaction that is being measured, such as clicks.Select from: campaign, static, or user.

    3. Event Label: Use this section to include additional information about a specific website element that is unique, such as a product name or a URL. Select from: campaign, static, or user.

  5. When configuring the above events, be sure to configure the additional settings, if applicable.

    1. Campaign: The attributes that are corresponding to the campaign. Only a campaign name can be used for this attribute.

    2. Static: The text value that is sent to Google Analytics from the campaign by the customer.

    3. User: All different inputs that a campaign has. All text boxes, input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, and drop-down menus are available in the campaign are shown in the drop-down menu. Then, select a fallback.

  6. After you’ve configured the applicable tracking parameters, click Apply in the lower right-hand corner to save the configurations.

All Google Analytics configurations that are set up through this integration can be tracked under the events section of the behavior tab of Google Analytics.

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