Customer Insights Reporting

Learn more about key email metrics that are available through the customer insights report.

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The customer insights report provides an overall view of email list health and growth across weekly and monthly time frames. In addition to list growth, view email frequency in a determined time frame to view how many emails are being sent out to customers over a given time frame.

  1. Navigate to the chart icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Enhanced Analytics.

  3. Then Customer Insights.


Filters are available at the top of the report. They can be used to refine the available data. Filter this report by monthly and weekly time frames for list size as well as a time frame for email frequency. After applying a filter, be sure to click the run button at the top right-hand of the screen to apply the applicable filters.


The following three metrics are available to better understand your customers email eligibility statuses of all time.

  • Current total opt-in customers: The total number of customers who have explicitly consented and opted-in to receive email communications from your brand.

  • Current total known customers: The total number of customers that have been identified but haven’t opted-in or unsubscribed.

  • Current total unsubscribe customers: The total number of customers that have elected to no longer receive marketing messages from your brand.


View a visual linear representation of the previously selected time frame of monthly and weekly email list sizes. The first two visualizations are displayed with a line chart showing opted-in customers, known customers, and unsubscribed customers. For a more detailed view of list sizes by week and month, view the tables below to see the list sizes by dates and counts.


View more detailed metrics of list size change over a monthly and weekly time frame. These tables are not reflective of the time frame selected in the filtering menu, but rather the dates of the campaigns by month and by week on the left-hand side of the table. Count changes are displayed for the three customer status types explained above, including a raw change metric that displays the change from the previous month or week.


View a bar graph representation of email frequency based on the previously selected time frame. Each email count tier represents the amount of times that group of customers had been sent an email. For example, in the second tier, 10,482 customers received two emails.

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