• Communicate: Email VTE Smart Content Saved Settings (January 15)
    You can now save your Smart Content settings in VTE. Quickly and easily add previously configured settings to any new email template.

  • Communicate: Restriction List Based on Campaign Type for Email Campaigns (January 15)
    You can now allow internal email addresses to receive promotional/batch sends. Use this to allow your coworkers to receive a copy of the campaign at send time.

  • Communicate: Removed Testing Support (January 8)
    In addition to the new email testing clients, the following web clients will no longer be supported for Windows 7: Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, Gapps , AOL, Yahoo, Comcast, and Internet Explorer 11.

  • Communicate: Bluecore Margin Optimization (December 14)
    Bluecore Margin Optimization is a suite of analytics and product recommendation features that automatically improve email program profit margin to align business and merchandising goals, all without sacrificing performance or personalization.

  • Communicate: Asset Management (December 14)
    Easily locate, manage, and organize images to further improve your workflows across the Bluecore Platform with our new foldering capabilities. Stay tuned for campaigns foldering coming next year!

  • Site: ESP Integrations for Bluecore Site™ (December 14)
    Connect a Bluecore Site™ campaign to another ESP (Cheetah Digital, SFMC, or Responsys) to trigger real-time welcome emails.

  • Communicate: Additional Email Testing Support (December 8)
    We’ve added additional email testing support for the following web clients: Outlook (Dark Mode) Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), Outlook (Light Mode) Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), Office365 Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), Gmail Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), AOL Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), Yahoo Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), Google Workspace (Gapps) Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome), and Comcast Windows 10 (Edge Chromium, Firefox, Chrome).

  • Site: User Experience Update - Icons on Campaign Page (November 9)
    Quickly and easily view a campaign preview, status, or coupon code without having to navigate into a Bluecore Site™ campaign.

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