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Learn more about different recommendations to help reduce email size to help with email clipping.

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[Message clipped] click here to view entire message… - something we’re all familiar with seeing in our emails, specifically within Gmail.

Email clipping in inboxes may cut the contents of your email, and provide your shoppers with a poor user experience by directing them to download an entire email message, instead of displaying the entire message upon receiving it. These are some of the effects of email clipping:

  • A poor user experience for your customers.

  • The unsubscribe link may not be displayed in the email.

  • The Bluecore open pixel may not fire in Gmail.

Gmail begins clipping emails at 102 KB. For better visibility into the size of your emails, we've released a size estimation tool to provide an estimate of your emails. Read more about this update below.


When previewing an email template, the estimated template size will appear next to the preview buttons. This is an estimation of the overall size of your email. The estimated template size shown below may be different than the estimation shown on the campaign summary page.

For a more accurate estimate, be sure to check the campaign summary page before sending a campaign. If the estimation is approaching the 102 KB, apply the methods above to reduce the email size.

If the size of your email is approaching the 102 KB limit, try applying some of the below recommendations to reduce email clipping.


Using URL shortening allows for a shorter hyperlink to direct shoppers to the same link. The normal URL may be longer, taking up extra space within the email. By shortening the link, the amount of characters is reduced in the email, helping reduce email clipping.

NOTE: URL shortening is an advanced feature. Please contact your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature. Requests for URL shortening also need to include SendGrid in the process to make the update.

Once the feature is enabled, you must add the URL shortening to each applicable campaign. URL shortening is not automatically applied to campaigns.

  1. Open or create a draft of the campaign.

  2. Navigate to the campaign summary tab.

  3. Then, go to the campaign settings section.

  4. Click Edit.

  5. Select the toggle to shorten URLs to enable URL shortening.

Be sure to repeat the above steps for any campaigns!

NOTE: There is a active time window for shortened URLs used in email and mobile/SMS messages. Shoppers will only be able to access links sent via short URLs within the expiration timeframes stated below.



Promotional email

60 days

Transactional email

60 days

Mobile/SMS messages

60 days

Mobile Tap-to-Join

lifetime (no expiry)


Use the link wrapping feature when using the single column and hero product with content widgets in VTE. This feature removes links from any product attributes that don’t need to link to the website within a VTE dynamic product block. Bluecore recommends only linking the product image link to the website, since it’s the largest clickable area. Simply uncheck the box to disable this feature per attribute.


Text may render more clear in email inboxes, however, you can convert text to images to reduce the size of the email. Bluecore recommends this approach if the font style that’s being used in the email template is not very sharp or thin.

  • NOTE: Changing the dimensions of an image or converting the image to a different file format (png, jpg) does not reduce the size of the message.

It may be possible that the email template contains a lot of text and hyperlinks. Bluecore recommends removing any content that may be unnecessary in the email template. For example, reducing the number of product blocks that are in the email or reducing the number of products that are in each of the product blocks in the email.


By default, Bluecore places the open pixel at the top of the email to provide a more accurate open rate and CTOR in Bluecore.

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