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View, Create, Duplicate, and Delete Audiences
View, Create, Duplicate, and Delete Audiences

Learn how to view, create, duplicate, and delete an audience

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After reviewing this page, you should be able to answer the following questions:

  • What actions can I take on new and existing audiences?

  • How do I create a new audience?

  • How do I delete an audience?

  • How do I refresh the size of an audience?

View an audience

You can see all of your audiences in one place by navigating to Audiences

> All Audiences.

The Audiences page. There is a 1 next to a blue envelope, 2 next to the Name column, 3 next to the Audience Size column, 4 next to the Related Campaigns column, 5 next to the Last Edited column, 6 nest to View Insights, and 7 next to ellipses.

  1. Visual indicator for which type of audience. The blue envelope indicates email audiences and purple phone indicates mobile.

  2. The audience name. You can click the name to view or edit the audience.

  3. The estimated size of the audience from the last time someone previewed and saved the audience.

Note: The audience size in the Audiences page does not update automatically, but the audience will always pull in the most up-to-date customers when used in a campaign.

4. Displays a hyperlink to any campaigns where the audience is being used.

5. The date the audience was last edited and saved.

6. If View Insights is enabled, you can click and view audience insights.

7. If you click the ellipses, you can choose the following actions:

a. Activate Insights, if it's inactive on the audience.

b. Deactivate Insights, if it's active on the audience.

Caution: For optimal website performance, activate up to 10 audience insights at a time. If you need additional audience insights, deactivate them on another audience and activate them on the new one.

c. Duplicate audience, to make a copy of the audience.

d. Copy to account, to make a copy of the audience in another namespace.

e. Delete audience, to permanently remove the audience.

Create an audience

You can create a near-limitless amount of unique audiences with the filters available, but there are two types of audiences most commonly created:

  • Abandoned series (includes cart, search, and product)

    • Used with Triggered Campaigns

  • Customers who have a category affinity for different brands or products

    • This audience can even include a division, such as men's or women's clothing

    • Used with both Promotional/Batch Campaigns and Trigger Campaigns

To create an audience, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to Audiences and click All Audiences. The Audiences list displays.

  2. Click + Create New Audience. The Audience Identifier dialog displays.

  3. Choose either email or phone and click Next. The Create New Audience page displays.

  4. If you want to use a pre-built template as your audience base, click Library. The Audience Library dialog displays.

  5. Choose your library and click Save. See Libraries for more information. The dialog closes and the filter criteria is added to the audience.

  6. If you want to add additional filter criteria, click the filter and define the criteria. For more information on filters and their criteria, see audience filter criteria.

  7. When finished, click Preview Audience. A query runs based on your filters and, when complete, displays the number of customers in the audience.

Note: If you need to stop the query, you can click Stop Query at any time.

8. Once the query completes and you are finished, click Save Audience. The Save

Audience dialog displays.

Note: You can only save an audience after you’ve previewed it.

9. Enter in your audience name and click Save Audience. The audience is saved and

available to use.

Duplicate or Copy an Audience

If you need to create a new audience that's similar to an existing audience, you can duplicate it.

To duplicate an audience, complete the following:

  1. Click the ellipses on the audience you want to duplicate and click Duplicate Audience. The Duplicate Audience dialog displays.

  2. Update the audience name.

  3. When finished, click Duplicate Audience. The audience page is refreshed and the audience is duplicated.

If you use multiple namespaces, you can copy an audience into another namespace by completing the following:

  1. Click the ellipses on the audience you want to duplicate and click Copy to Account. The Copy Audience dialog displays.

  2. Click the namespace you want to copy the audience to and click Copy. The audience page is refreshed and the audience is copied.

Delete an Audience

You can delete an audience if you no longer need it.

Warning: Deleting an audience is permanent.

To delete an audience, complete the following:

  1. Click the ellipses on the audience you want to delete and click Delete Audience. A prompt displays.

  2. Click Delete Audience. The audience page is refreshed and the selected audience is deleted.

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