• Communicate: VTE Star Ratings (September 13)
    Add a visual or numerical representation of a customer product satisfaction directly within an email built with VTE. Configure this setting when configuring a dynamic product block.

  • Communicate: Link Tracking for Smart Content (September 13)
    View link tracking data for campaigns with Smart Content. Each block of Smart Content displays a rolled-up view of total desktop clicks and total unique desktop clicks.

  • Site: Template Library (September 13)
    Quickly and easily get started with a Bluecore Site™ campaign by using a template from our suite of fully customizable pre-built templates for desktop and mobile campaigns.

  • Site: Spinner and Timer Widgets (September 13)
    Gamify your website and drive urgency with our two new widgets that are available in Bluecore Site™: Spin-to-win and countdown timer! The spinner can be used to encourage shoppers to enter their email address for an opportunity to spin the wheel for a prize!

    The countdown timer can be used to drive urgency for an offer or promotion that you are running.

  • Site: Enhanced Analytics (September 13)
    View a suite of analytics reports for Bluecore Site™ to provide a holistic view of the shopper experience based on campaign engagement. The following reports are now available: Advanced Analytics, Campaign Comparison Report, Campaign Performance Report, and Lead Capture Stats.

  • Communicate: Additional Email Testing Support (September 9)
    We’ve added additional email testing support for the following web clients: Web.de Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), GMX Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge), and Mail.ru Windows 10 (Chrome, Firefox, Edge).

  • Communicate: Removed Email Testing Support (September 7)
    The following programs will no longer be supported for email testing: Outlook 2016 OSX10.8, Outlook 2013 and 2010 (120 dpi) Windows 7, Lotus Notes 85 Windows 7, Thunderbird Windows 7, Web.de Windows 7 (Chrome, Firefox, IE11), GMX Windows 7 (Chrome, Firefox, IE11), Mail.ru Windows 7 (Chrome, Firefox, IE11), and Telstra Windows 7 (Chrome, Firefox, IE11).

  • Site: Updated UI/UX for VTE Campaign Creation Workflows (August 5)
    A few visual changes have been made to the Bluecore Site™ VTE builder. When building a campaign, you now have the flexibility to add up to three screens and an introduction screen. Add screens by clicking the + icon at the top of the builder.

    Previously, if a dynamic product block or coupon was added to a campaign, it would need to be configured by using the settings icon outside of the builder. These settings (dynamic products, coupons, and ESP integrations) are now available in the same place, but accessible from a drop-down menu.

  • Communicate: Additional Metrics Added to Smart Content Report (August 2)
    View overall email performance metrics for campaigns that are using Smart Content Widgets. If the same Global Widget was used across multiple Smart Content Widgets in different campaigns, you can view rolled up reporting by Global Widget Name or Smart Content Option Name here. Previously, this report only displayed the overall Smart Content Widget performance.

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