Link tracking provides you with a detailed view of how customers are engaging with your email templates. Visit link tracking within any live or completed campaign to understand how customers are interacting with template elements and improve email performance going forward.

Access link tracking for any ongoing or completed campaign by navigating to Campaigns, then click the link tracking tab at the top of the page. Link tracking is available for both automated and one-time campaigns once the campaign has initialized. Mobile and desktop clicks can also be exported from the link tracking tab by clicking Export to Excel.

Campaigns built through Experience Designer or emails with an A/B variation also have the ability to view link tracking per campaign.

Experience Designer breaks down analytics for all campaigns in the journey. Navigate between campaigns in Experience Designer by selecting a campaign on the left-hand side. To view the different email variations, select the campaign, then select a variation from the drop-down menu.


Link tracking was initially released in November 2019. With this release, Bluecore automatically supports showing individual link tracking for newly created email campaigns.

To view link tracking for any ongoing campaign launched prior to November 2019, please republish the campaign to view this data going forward.

To view link tracking data for campaigns using Smart Content, follow the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the applicable campaign with Smart Content.

  2. Resave each existing block of Smart Content.

  3. Save and Republish the campaign.

  • NOTE: Republishing these campaigns will result in a loss of previous historical data.


After you’ve selected a campaign, click the link tracking tab to view link analytics.

  • Timeframe: The time window that the data reflects.

  • Desktop/Mobile View: Toggle between the desktop and mobile view of the email. The click numbers reflect the device selected.

  • Total Clicks: The number of clicks from the device selected.

  • Total Unique Clicks: The aggregated number of how many times all links were clicked in this selected device by individuals. Duplicate/multiple clicks are not attributed here.


Each link is given a number on the left-hand side of the screen. The number coincides with a visual representation of where it is located in the email.

  • Link Name: This is populated from the link structure, between the domain and the tracking parameters. For example, is displayed as /womens.

  • Clicks: The number of clicks per link of the identified section.

  • Unique Clicks: An aggregated total of how many times the link is clicked by individual users.


  • Smart Content: Click the Smart Content link on the left-hand side to view a breakdown of all Smart Content link tracking metrics available for the previously configured blocks. Each block of Smart Content displays a rolled-up view of total desktop clicks and total unique desktop clicks. Drill deeper into a Smart Content block to view a breakdown of each Smart Content option in the email.

    • NOTE: Smart Content data in link tracking was previously unavailable. To view this data, resave each Smart Content widget within the applicable campaign and republish these campaigns after July 2021.

  • Dynamic elements: Dynamic product blocks and smart content are populated per individual. Any clicks attributed to dynamic product blocks are aggregated in this click map.

  • Custom code blocks: At this time, click information is aggregated for this section. This is represented by the link name of Custom Code Block.


Q: Does link tracking support A/B testing?

  • A: Yes, if the campaign has an A/B test, select the variant from the drop-down menu.

Q: Does Bluecore report on historical versions of the campaign?

  • A: Link tracking resets any time a campaign is edited. Future versions of link tracking will include historical timeframes and template version analytics.

Q: Will link tracking automatically be added in all upcoming sends or is this something I need to manually enable for each send?

  • A: Link tracking is included for all newly created campaigns. Any campaigns created before you received access to this feature needs to be republished to enable link tracking.

Q: Do Bluecore report on mobile clicks?

  • A: Yes, simply toggle to mobile clicks from the desktop default.

Q: How do I split out link tracking within a custom code block?

  • A: Recreate the global widget or template element without custom code blocks. All links within custom code blocks are aggregated and tracked together as one.

Q: If a global widget is updated, does this activity reset link tracking for any template that uses it?

  • A: Yes.

Q: Could link tracking utm tags be impacting my Google Analytics?

  • A: Bluecore adds a parameter to your links to support link tracking, but can be ignored in Google Analytics. 

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