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How to Add a Seed List to an Email Campaign
How to Add a Seed List to an Email Campaign

Learn more about how to create a seed list of email addresses to send a specific campaign.

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Create a seed list to send a batch or triggered email campaign to a specific group of email addresses. For example, you may configure a group of internal contacts to receive a copy of a batch email send, while still withholding this internal group of contacts from a recurring triggered campaign. In order to create a seed list within Bluecore, there are four steps:

  1. Be sure the email addresses are not being restricted from receiving Bluecore emails in the integration settings.

  2. Upload the list of email addresses to Bluecore.

  3. Add the list of email addresses to an audience.

  4. Then, add the audience to the campaign.

Read more about each of these steps below.


Within your Bluecore integration, there is a section to exclude specific domains from receiving triggered or promotional/batch campaigns. If you’re creating a seed list to allow employees to receive these emails, please be sure there are no domains configured here that would be restricting them from receiving these sends.


The next step is to upload a one-time static email list using the instructions outlined in this article. Be sure to select the email list data type when configuring this upload.


After the list has been successfully uploaded, the next step is to create an audience with the uploaded list to be used when configuring the campaign following the directions in this article. Create the audience using the static email list filter criteria.

Be sure to save the audience!


After you’ve successfully uploaded and created an audience, the last step is to apply the list of uploaded email addresses to a campaign. When configuring the campaign settings, be sure to select the email list that was just previously uploaded here.


  • Please note that internal employees will receive the same experience as your customers. The email will not be static, but rather dynamic based on the customer profile. For example, an internal employee that is receiving a copy of a personalized email may receive recommendations that are tailored to their behavior vs. another user. As an employee, you may be visiting the site rather frequently to test different things and this may result in a wide variety of product recommendations.

  • Dynamic content within the email that’s based on customer attributes (such as a loyalty banner) may appear different to contacts on this seed list, based on the customer profile. They may not receive this content or they may receive a fallback, just like your customer would.

  • Creating a seed list doesn’t affect reporting. This audience is still reported like a regular campaign audience. However, you will still be charged on the clicks generated from the email. This should be a very small percentage of clicks from the overall campaign.

  • These seed lists will deploy at the same time as the regularly scheduled campaign.

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