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Create an Audience
Create an Audience

Use Bluecore's Audience Builder to quickly visualize and create audiences to use in campaigns.

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Bluecore’s Audience Builder allows users to quickly visualize and create Audiences from the vast amount of data that Bluecore collects. Queries run quickly, allowing marketers to iterate as they build audiences. Build an audience that can be used as the target of a marketing campaign.

1. Navigate to Audiences on the left-hand side.
2. Go to All Audiences.
3. Click Create New Audience

4. Edit the customer properties that define which customers are included or excluded from a given Audience. The Property Editor is the left-hand column and the Preview is on the right. Click Preview to run a filter query.

5. Add filters to define your audience. There are two ways to add a filter: From a blank audience: Add New Audiences.

6. Select to identify customers by Email Addresses or Any Identifier. This affects which channel your audience can be used for (i.e., some channels may require different customer identifiers than just email addresses).

  • NOTE: This cannot be changed once the audience is saved.

7. Add a frequency cap filter, if applicable.


There are four basic types of filters that can be applied to audiences:

  • Email Eligibility: Filter customers based on a status to receive emails, such as opted-in, known, unsubscribed, not unsubscribed, or any. Learn more about Bluecore’s email eligibility here.

  • Customer Behaviors: Includes customer actions that Bluecore tracks from your site, such as product views, cart abandonments, opens, and on-site campaign engagement (a customer has entered the required information into the popup. For email capture Site campaigns, the campaign is engaged with when an email address is entered. For all other Site campaigns, the campaign is engaged with when it’s clicked).

  • Customer Attributes: Generally static properties for each customer such as gender, loyalty points, or any other arbitrary set of data that you choose to upload (see Import Data for more information on data uploads). Bluecore also provides a list of default customer attributes. Create flexible and customizable audiences using nested conditions with AND/OR operators. Learn more about our AND/OR functionality here.

  • Uploaded Email List: Create an audience based on a previously uploaded email list. Learn more about how to upload an email list here.

There are four types of filters for Predictive Audiences:

  • Predicted Customer Lifetime Value: The predicted revenue attributed to a customer over the course of their relationship with your brand.

  • Lifecycle Stage: The breakdown of customers who fall into four stages of the buying cycle: non-buyers, active buyers, at-risk, and lost customers.

  • Likelihood to Take Actions: The likelihood of various customer actions, including: convert, unsubscribe from emails, open an email, and click an email.

  • Category and Offer Affinity: The product category from targeted to broad and offer type from deep discounts to full price to which the customer is most attracted.

1. Click + to add the corresponding filter to the audience.
2. Configure filters as needed, using the drop-down menus. Use the below table to learn more about filter modifers.

  • TIP: Bluecore recommends using hourly-based filtering time frames instead of day-based time frames when creating audiences with a lookback window within 1 week.

3. Click Preview to view your audience with the applied filters.
4. Click Save Audience.


In this example, filter for customers who are likely to convert in the next 14 days.

1. Click Likelihood to Take Actions.
2. Check the checkbox next to Likelihood to Convert.
3. Select from one of the following options: Low, Medium, High, or Unknown. For this example, select High.
4. Click Preview on the right-hand side to populate the audience.
5. Click Save.

In this example, the end logic is to target customers who are highly likely to convert within the next 14 days.


1. Click Preview on the right-hand side to generate your audience with the applied filters.
2. Click Save Audience in the upper right-hand corner.
3. Enter an Audience Name.
4. Click Save Audience.

Learn more about Bluecore audiences in this video!

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