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Email Eligibility in Bluecore Audiences
Email Eligibility in Bluecore Audiences

Learn more about how to apply email eligibility settings to Bluecore audiences within campaigns or journeys.

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When building an audience, email eligibility settings can be used for more granular segmentation and audience previews. For example, build an audience that targets customers who are not eligible to receive emails. Learn more about Bluecore’s audiences here.

When creating an audience, there are five options for filtering on email eligibility. Read more about each option below.

  • Opted-in: Explicit consent from a customer. A customer has entered an email address on a subscription form or preference center, electing to receive email communications from your brand; the customer is opted-in and not unsubscribed.

  • Known: A customer that has been identified, but has neither opted-in nor unsubscribed. Some brands choose to include this group of customers in certain marketing messages (for example, triggered emails) while maintaining compliance with privacy laws.

  • Unsubscribed: A customer has elected to no longer receive email marketing messages from your brand. This typically occurs when a customer performs an unsubscribe action via an unsubscribe link in an email or a preference center, therefore they are no longer subscribed.

  • Not Unsubscribed: Customers who are opted-in OR known.

  • Any (All eligibility statuses): All emails regardless of email eligibility status. Customers who are opted-in OR known OR unsubscribed.

Click here to learn more about Bluecore's email eligibility settings.


  • If you are planning to send a promotional email, create the audience with email eligibility is opted-in to preview the users who will qualify for this email.

  • If you are planning to send a triggered email, create the audience with email eligibility is not unsubscribed to preview the users who will qualify for this email

  • Use the email eligibility is unsubscribed to see how many users recently unsubscribed and get a better understanding of list health.

  • Use the email eligibility is opted-in to see how many users recently opted-in and get a better understanding of list health.

  • Use email eligibility is any to check the total users you have the potential to reach on email and leverage this in other marketing channels for better reach.

If you’re building audiences to use across channels, Bluecore recommends using Email Eligible is ANY to extend the reach in those channels.


Email eligibility settings that are applied in the account-level settings are automatically applied based on the campaign type when creating a new campaign.

Please be aware that all audience-level email eligibility filters are ignored when a campaign is deployed, and only the account- and campaign-level (promotional/trigger) eligibility rules are honored in the final deployment.

Here's an example scenario:

  • Account-level setting is set to: triggered = Must be opted-in unchecked.

  • Audience email eligibility is set to opted-in.

  • Campaign is set up as designation triggered.

  • Therefore, the campaign will be deployed to all opted-in and known records in the audience.


Split a journey using Experience Designer to orchestrate cross-channel automation to target your customers in the channels they are eligible in. For example, within an abandoned cart campaign, configure a split to target based on email eligibility (email vs. non-email). Click here to learn more about configuring a split with Experience Designer.


Q: How does the email eligibility settings affect my previously configured automated campaigns?

  • A: When a campaign is configured, a selection is made for promotional/batch or a triggered campaign. By selecting this during campaign creation, the email eligibility settings configured at the account-level are automatically applied to any previously running campaigns. 

Q: What will happen if my triggered email campaign settings are set to opted-in and I use the email eligibility “any” within my audience configuration?

  • A: For email campaigns, we always ensure email eligibility adheres to account-level settings for the campaign type (promotional/batch or triggered) being built. In this case, if the audience preview shows 1000 emails (450 opted-in, 400 unsubscribed and 150 known) and this audience is used in an trigger campaign campaign, only 450 emails will qualify for the send, as the campaign eligibility settings will confirm that the email is opted-in. Known users do not qualify because they are not opted-in, even though they have not unsubscribed.

Q: What if the audience-level filter is different than the campaign type I’ve selected?

  • A: When adding an audience to a campaign, any previously configured email eligibility settings configured on the account-level will override any audience-level filtering.

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