Split an Audience

Learn more about how to split the audience of your targeted send.

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When setting up a new campaign, and selecting the audience(s) to target, you will have the option to split the audience.

By selecting one of the below Split options, you will be immediately taken to Bluecore’s Experience Designer tool on the next step to build out the customer’s desired journey and add email campaigns.

You will see the following options:

  • Customer Lifetime Value: This splits the audience by the Customer’s Lifetime Value. You will then be able to send different communications to each half of the audience. 

  • Discount Preference: This splits the audience by Full Price & Discount Buyers. 

  • Lifecycle Stage: This splits the audience by Active Buyers, At-Risk Buyers, Lost Buyers, and Non-Buyers.

  • Purchase Count: This splits the audience by Repeat Buyers, One-Time Buyers, and Non-Buyers.

Once you’ve selected how you want to split the audience you will be taken to the journey page where you will be able to add touches to your campaign. For more information on how to add touches please check out our Add More Touches article.

NOTE: Any changes made to the split audience will not take effect until after the campaign is saved.


Before adding campaigns:

After campaigns have been added:


Before adding campaigns:


Before adding campaigns:


Before adding campaigns:

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