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Preview, Test, and Proof an Email Campaign
Preview, Test, and Proof an Email Campaign

Use Bluecore's Preview, Test, & Proof functions to QA your email campaigns before they launch!

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Bluecore allows you to preview, test, and proof your email campaigns before you launch them publicly to shoppers.

These options are available on the Summary tab of email campaign creation before you launch.


We'll start with Preview and Test. This dropdown has three options:

  • Send Test Email

  • Test Across Email Clients

  • URL Validation

Send Test Email option allows you to enter an email to send this campaign to as a test to review how it sends and delivers.

Test Across Email Clients option allows you to review how this email displays across a variety of email clients, like Outlook or Gmail, and across a variety of devices, like mobile phone or desktop computer. You can further filter this list if needed.

URL Validation allows you to review which emails are in your email campaign, as well as which (if any) are not valid or contain errors. This way you can fix them before sending to shoppers!


Next, let's review View Proofs. This option pulls a few random shoppers from your audience and displays how the campaign will look when it’s sent to them.

This is where you can start to visualize what products are being recommended and displayed based on the dynamic product rules. This is a prime place to troubleshoot any things that look or feel wonky in the campaign.

  • For example, if you notice an image URL is broken or your call-to-action buttons aren’t lining up, be sure to fix those before sending!

  • If you notice the products are duplicating inside the blocks, that means you likely have SKU level integrations and have several of the same product in your catalog with slightly different attributes (like size or color).

    • TIP: If this is the case, adjust the unique products in your global marketing settings or the gear icon in the message tab, so that each product displayed in the block will be unique.

Select a proof option to review it in closer detail, as well as review how the campaign displays in mobile as well, since this is likely where a huge percentage of your traffic will be coming from!

Finally, when you’re ready to finish this campaign and send it to your shoppers, exit the preview or proofs pages and then click Save & Launch Campaign at the bottom of the page. Review any notices, if needed, and click Publish.

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