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On-site Visual Template Editor: Smart Content™
On-site Visual Template Editor: Smart Content™

Learn more about how to use Smart Content on your on-site campaigns.

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Use Smart Content elements to take your on-site personalization to the next level. Personalize your Site™ pop-ups based on known customer attributes in Bluecore Audiences.

  • NOTE: This feature is available to full Bluecore Site™ customers. If you’re using a basic version of Bluecore Site™, please contact your CSM.


  • Personalize text in campaigns using Jinja to show attributes such as name or loyalty points. This provides a dynamic and personalized 1:1 experience to each known individual. For example, Hello {{name}}, you have {{loyalty_rewards}} points for you to use on your next purchase.

  • Create one campaign with multiple creative variants, and trigger the right campaign for each known shopper based on a selected customer attribute. For example, a sale announcement with one image and call-to-action targeting men, and the other targeting women. Surface the right creative on the identified gender for every shopper.

  • Auto-fill forms with already known customer attributes which can also be applied to preference center campaigns. For example, if a giveaway is running on your site, auto-fill the name and email of a shopper if they’re previously submitted and known, and only request that they fill in the remaining fields, like birthday, zip code, etc.


Before setting up Smart Content, add the applicable widgets to the canvas that will be shown as Smart Content. For example, if there are images with text and buttons, be sure to have them configured before using the Smart Content widget. Once the content is ready, set up Smart Content by following the below steps.

  1. Drag and drop the smart content widget onto the canvas.


Next, update the smart content settings:

  • Name: A descriptive title displayed within Bluecore.

  • Options: The different content options that are available to display to customers within this piece of smart content.

  • Fallback: The content that is displayed to customers if smart content is not relevant. This ensures your customers will still receive content. A fallback should be configured so customers will always see content on your website.


  1. Click edit on a smart content option.

  2. Enter a descriptive Option Name. This name is only viewable within Bluecore and is used for reporting.

  3. Add a filter type. These are the conditions that need to be met for smart content to be displayed to your customers. At this time, customer attributes are the only filters available for smart content with Bluecore Site™.

  • Customer Attribute: Display content based on customer-specific properties such as gender.


After you’ve configured the applicable customer attribute filters, the next step is to select the content layers that will be displayed for that filter criteria of Smart Content. For example, if the first option of smart content is to show a VIP loyalty status image based on the customer attribute filter, select the previously uploaded image within the layer section. Please ensure that the layers are in the correct placement for each variant. This could mean you would have multiple overlapping layers, but only the right one will be shown for each shopper based on their attributes.

4. Click Save in the upper left-hand corner. You’ve now configured a smart content option in your Site campaign! Click + Add Another Option and repeat the above steps to add additional pieces of Smart Content.

5. Next, select to include a fallback.

6. Select an existing widget on the canvas to use as a fallback widget. This ensures that customers will receive a piece of content if they don’t match the criteria or cannot be identified on your website.

7. Click Back in the upper left-hand corner to save the fallback.

8. Repeat the above steps for any additional smart content options and fallbacks.


When a URL is entered to preview Smart Content, only the fallback option will be displayed on the website. At this time, it’s recommended to preview Smart Content using the VTE editor. You can swap the different creatives in the fallback option to see the different versions, before completing your setup.


Q: How do I set preferences automatically based on Bluecore identifying the customer viewing the campaign?

  • A: If a smart content layer is used in the campaign, Bluecore Site™ uses the attributes already available within Bluecore Audiences to personalize the smart content options. For example, if the smart content option is conditional on the customer attribute of music genre and there is no available information on a customer’s music genre preferences, they will be shown a fallback option to ensure they receive content. However, if the customer updates their customer attribute of music genre to rock and then views the campaign again in the next session/page view, then the smart content option will be personalized according to the rock preference.

Q: What happens if Bluecore cannot identify a customer?

  • A: If Bluecore has not previously identified the user visiting the website and seeing the campaign, the fallback option is shown, ensuring they see content.

Q: How can I view Smart Content reporting?

  • A: At this time, only the impressions and clicks for the campaign can be viewed, not the individual smart content layer.

Q: How many Smart Content widgets can be used in a campaign?

  • A: Only one Smart Content widget can be used in a campaign.

Q: How many options can a Smart Content block support?

  • A: At this time, there is no limit on the number of options that can be configured. However, Bluecore recommends around five options per campaign.

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