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Learn more about how to sync your Bluecore audiences to Pinterest.

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Use Pinterest to visually share and discover new interests with images or videos by boards. Leverage first-party customer data such as customer identities, behaviors, and Bluecore catalog data to build high-value behavioral and predictive customer segments to target in Pinterest with Bluecore’s integration.

  • NOTE: This is an advanced feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to upgrade.


Before getting started, please be sure you’ve completed the below steps.

  1. Contact your CSM to enable the Pinterest integration within your account.

  2. Create or sign into your Pinterest business account.

  3. Provide Bluecore with your Pinterest Advertiser ID.


After you’ve contacted your Bluecore CSM and provided your Pinterest Advertiser ID, the next step is to activate the integration through Pinterest.

1. Navigate to the Pinterest URL provided to you by Bluecore.

2. Sign into Pinterest.

3. Click Give Access.

4. Please contact your Bluecore CSM to let them know the above steps have been completed.


After access has been granted, Bluecore will create two data export destinations: Pinterest - one-time and Pinterest - recurring. These data exports are then used to relay information between Bluecore and Pinterest.

Next, Bluecore will configure the audience sync integration between Bluecore and Pinterest using the Advertiser ID. Bluecore will notify you when this has been completed.


Once Bluecore notifies you that the audience sync integration has been set up, the next step is to begin syncing your Bluecore audiences to Pinterest!

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