Now that you understand all of the different elements that are available in Bluecore’s email builder, check out the below video to see how easy it is to build out an email.

Then… try it yourself by following the instructions outlined here!

Each of the sections below references email settings, configurations, components, assets, and global widgets. Check out our table of contents here.


In this example, we’ll build out a very basic email campaign using a few of the elements mentioned above. At any point, you can customize your email campaign by adding additional elements.

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side.

  2. Select One-Time or Automated Campaigns.

  3. Click New in the upper right-hand corner.

  4. Then, cick Create New Campaign.

  5. Select the email channel.

  6. Click Next.

  7. Select a Campaign Type (if you’ve selected automated campaigns).

  8. Click Next.

  9. Complete the Campaign Settings.

  10. Click Save and Continue.

  11. Enter a Subject Line and Tracking Parameters.

  12. Click Copy Existing Template or Create New Template.

Now that the settings are message set up are complete, it’s time to begin building the example email!

The first element to build in the example email is the header.

1. Drag and drop the image element onto the canvas.

2. Add an image source or choose an image from the image library.

3. Add a link to your website.

4. Add alt text to the image.

5. Left align the image.

6. Enter a container background color to replicate the header design in the example email. For example, the header is going to be Bluecore’s branded blue.

7. Click Save.


Next, let’s add the hero image into the email.

1. Drag and drop the image element onto the canvas, underneath the header added previously.

2. Add an image source or choose an image from the image library.

3. Add a link to your website.

4. Adjust the top and bottom padding for the image to 0px.

5. Click Save.


Following the hero image in the email is body text, telling our customers what the benefits are to subscribing to your messages.

1. Drag and drop the text element onto the canvas, underneath the hero image.

2. Enter the applicable copy into the text editor.

  • TIP: Style text according to your brand guidelines. Customize your fonts using the font library to upload your own custom, branded fonts.

3. Adjust the top and bottom padding to 20px.

4. Click Save.


Adding a button to the middle of the body of the email gives your customers a clear call-to-action, ultimately driving them back to your website.

1. Drag and drop the button element onto the canvas, underneath the above body text.

2. Update the applicable button text.

3. Add a link to your website.

4. Bold the text.

5. Update the button color.

6. Adjust the top padding to 20px and the left/right to 30px.

7. Click Save.


Adding a divider to the content allows readers to have a break within the content, adding space and making the email easier to read. You can add a divider to the email by using the divider component. For this example, we’re going to add an image since this divider was designed with text in the middle of it.

By adding this divider as an image, we’re following the same steps outlined in the above image elements.


The next section of text follows the same configurations as above. This text is highlighting our social networks.


Including your social networks in an email allows your customers to connect with you on other platforms outside of email. For this example, our email references: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

1. Drag and drop the social element onto the canvas.

2. Adjust the icon width slider to 50px to match the email design.

3. Select the checkboxes to include the social elements. This example email has four social networks.

4. Click the social icon.

5. Add an icon source or select an image from the image library.

6. Enter a social network link to link the icon to.

7. Add the applicable alternative text.

8. Repeat the above steps for any additional social networks.

  • TIP: Upload an image of a social icon to fully customize the look and feel of these icons to match your brand.

Congratulations! 🎉 You’ve just built an email using our email builder! Wasn’t that easy?

Check out some more advanced tips in our Email Visual Template Editor FAQ.

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