This article covers how to design an email campaign with the social and code block elements. These elements can be used in conjunction with other elements in the Email Visual Template Editor (VTE).

Access the Email VTE by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Communicate.

  3. Then Automated or One-Time Campaigns.

  4. Click New in the upper right-hand corner.

  5. Then, click Create New Campaign.

  6. Go to the Message tab.

  7. Click Copy Existing Template or Create New Template.


Use the social widget to add your favorite social networks to an email. Get started with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat, or add your own custom icons.

  • Hide this widget on mobile or desktop: By selecting this checkbox, the image element will not show on a mobile or desktop device.

  • Ignore Campaign Level Tracking: By selecting this checkbox, the tracking parameters previously configured will not be applied here.

  • Icon Width: Use the slider or enter a number (pixels) to adjust the icons’ width.

  • Icon Spacing: Use the slider or enter a number (pixels) to adjust the spacing between icons.

  • Alignment: Left, center, or right align the icons.

  • Widget Padding: Add padding to the social widget as a whole (top and bottom in pixels).

  • Container Background Color: Click the field to use the color picker or enter a hex color code.


Select the checkbox on each to include or exclude an element. Be sure to configure each of the below settings for as many icons that are being displayed in the email.

  • Icon Source: Enter a direct image URL or select an image from the image library.

  • Link to: Enter a specific social media URL to link shoppers to.

  • Deep Link: By selecting this checkbox, the mobile app will open. Deep linking is available by special request for customers leveraging for mobile links.

  • Alt Text: Enter text to display if the image doesn’t load properly.


Use this widget to insert custom code into your email. Please be sure the HTML aligns with the rest of the email to prevent rendering issues with other widgets in the template.

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