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Q3: August 1 - October 31, 2020
Q3: August 1 - October 31, 2020
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  • Communicate: Mobile Navigation Widget in Email VTE (October 22)
    You can now configure a navigational element specifically to display on mobile devices. Be sure to create a desktop experience by leveraging the desktop navigation widget.

  • Communicate: Multi-Column Layout in Email VTE (October 21)
    Formerly the image/button pair widget, our new multi-column layout widget allows you to create up to four images or buttons side-by-side in an email design! Stack, scale, or even divide the elements in the design to optimize this widget for mobile and desktop displays.

  • Communicate: Smart Campaign™ (October 19)
    Smart Campaign™ uses machine learning to automate the segmentation process and determine the best personalized email for every subscriber, even those we don’t have data on. Smart Campaign™ is now available for all customers on our current packaging!

  • Communicate: Google Inbox Annotations (October 19)
    Deliver more value in the Google Promotions Tab by adding Gmail Inbox Annotations to your Bluecore triggers and promotional sends.

  • Communicate: Email Program Details Report (October 19)
    We’ve added a new report that’s available in the enhanced analytics. Check out the email program details report, which displays a snapshot of your entire email program with Bluecore.

  • Site: ESP Integrations for Bluecore Site™ (October 19)
    Connect a Bluecore Site™ campaign to another ESP to trigger real-time welcome emails.

  • Site: Data Validation (September 10)
    Use our new data validation feature within the Site VTE to collect organized, relevant data when an email form is submitted. When building a form, specify the type of data that’s being submitted, with the following fields supporting data validation: text, numeric, alphanumeric, date, phone, or custom.

  • Communicate: Currency Symbol Position in Email VTE (September 3)
    You can now select to show the currency symbol either before or after the price in email VTE. This setting is available in email VTE when configuring a custom currency setting.

  • Communicate: Recipe Rules Updates (August 31)
    Leverage product filtering rules for recommendations in email campaigns, and improve email send rates by setting a fallback to a dynamic product block recipe. Check out our documentation on Product Recommendations and these updates here.

  • Communicate: Highest Category Preference (August 31)
    Identify and create highly relevant, mutually exclusive groups according to shoppers’ best interests.

  • Communicate: Email Notifications - Campaign Failures (August 28)
    In addition to receiving a start and completed campaign email notification, you can now receive a campaign failure notification if a campaign fails to deploy! Our email notifications have been updated to send a failure notification when a campaign fails to deploy. There's no additional configuration necessary if you're already receiving completed campaign notifications.

  • Platform: Catalog - Content Now Viewable (August 28)
    View the search content option on the product catalog page if content has been setup to be pulled via your website. This is a custom service, please contact your CSM for additional information.

  • Platform: Currency Formatting Update in Catalog (August 20)
    Our catalog interface previously represented USD for all customers. This page will now reflect a customer’s correct currency, similar to the analytics pages!

  • Communicate: User Experience Update - Updated Campaign Summary Page (August 18)
    Our campaign summary page has a new look and feel! Check out the new styling that has been applied to the entire campaign summary page, as well as a bulleted breakdown of product blocks. This makes it easier to view configured product recommendations before sending an email.

Be sure to check out additional updates coming to our recipe rules soon!

  • Communicate: Currency Formatting Options in Email VTE (August 18)
    You can now quickly and easily format product prices based on the geo that you are targeting within Email VTE. 💱💰🏦

  • Communicate: Hide Widgets on Mobile in VTE (August 11)
    Gain additional real estate and flexibility on mobile devices with the ability to hide any basic component in VTE.

  • Communicate: Removing Out of Stock Products from Email Proofs (August 11)
    You will no longer see out of stock products in email proofs before a send! View an accurate representation of your emails before they’re delivered to your customers. 🔍

  • Site: Unique Impressions Count in A/B Testing Analytics (August 10)
    In the detailed view of Site analytics, view the conversion as a calculation of unique impressions, instead of click-based attribution. Use this metric to compare with a holdout group, where someone may or may not click, comparing the unique impression of a variant to a held out user.

  • Communicate: Email Testing - Additional Outlook Support (August 6)
    We’ve added additional email proofing support for Outlook Office365 Windows 10 & macOS Catalina for both regular & dark mode. Additionally, Bluecore will no longer support email proofing for Outlook 2011 OS X 10.8 & 2016 Windows 7.

  • Communicate: Audience Builder Update (August 4)
    You can select all campaigns that contain a specific word (eg: cart) when segmenting audiences using email behavior patterns.

  • Communicate: Audience Builder Update (August 4)
    You can now select entire journeys when configuring email behavior patterns making it easier to include journeys and all of its campaigns for faster audience segmentation.

  • Communicate: Custom Fonts - Edit Fallback Option (August 4)
    You can now edit the web-safe fallback font for previously uploaded custom fonts.

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