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Smart Content Use Cases and Examples
Smart Content Use Cases and Examples

Learn more about some of Bluecore's suggested use cases and examples for Smart Content.

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After you've learned how to build out Smart Content, explore the below top use cases for new or existing one-time or automated campaigns.

Before you start:

  • Data Availability: Some of these use cases, like birthday or gender, may require that additional data is ingested into your Bluecore account. Learn more about Bluecore's file imports here.

  • Configured at Send-Time: Smart Content, and all other dynamic elements in your email template, are set at send time. Although the vast majority email opens occur within a few hours of send time, be sure to consider scenarios where the customer opens an email much after send time (i.e. days later). This is especially important with promos, offers, and sale announcements.

  • Product Filters: When using product filters for product specific content, Smart Content will always reference the first product block in your template. If this product block has more than one product in it, we will find the mode of the entire block and if there happens to be an equal split (i.e. you’re filtering based on category and the product block has two products in it of different categories), Smart Content will make a random selection. 


Top use cases for displaying content based on Bluecore customer attributes.

  • Loyalty Rewards: Acquire or retain members

  • Gender: Add relevance with gender specific content or linking 

  • Birthday: Extend the reach of birthday content to all campaigns

  • Nearest Store: Direct shoppers to their nearest store

  • Shipping Eligibility: Show location based delivery offers

  • Offer Eligibility: Set rules around who should receive offers



Top uses for displaying content only on specific dates or times.

  • Offer Availability: Keep emails up to date with site-wide promotions  

  • Event Promotion: Drive awareness around an upcoming event 



Top use cases for displaying content based on product attributes in Blucore’s living product catalog.

  • Sale Status: Add sale content when relevant 

  • Category: Display content that matches product category

  • Low Stock: Drive urgency with copy, like “only a few left” 

  • Move Inventory: Distribute coupons for sell-through products


Looking for more? Check out the below video on adding timed banners using Smart Content.

Create loyalty banners by using Smart Content, as shown in the below video:

You can also create banners by using product attributes, as shown in the below video:

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