Target shoppers with paid social ads on Facebook using Bluecore’s audiences with Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allows marketers to upload email lists to match to Facebook users for enhanced audience segmentation. Using the email list audience upload functionality, email lists typically have about a 50% match rate on Facebook. For example, if you sync 1,000 email addresses to Facebook, about 500 of them will be targeted within the Facebook platform. 

  • TIP: The minimum audience size to sync is 100 emails (or a ~200 person Bluecore list, given the 50% match rate). 


You must have an existing integration with Bluecore to use audiences with Facebook. This connection requires additional setup. Please contact your Client Success Manager (CSM) to upgrade. 

Before getting started, please be sure you’ve completed the below steps.

  1. Contact your CSM to enable the Facebook integration within your account. After this has been enabled, the integration will appear in the integration marketplace.

  2. Create a Facebook Business Manager account. This is what will be connected to Bluecore within the next few steps.

  3. After the Facebook Business Manager account has been created, locate your Ad Account ID.

    1. NOTE: Please make sure that the Account ID that's being provided is a MANAGER ACCOUNT ID and not a sub-account. Without the manager Account ID, Bluecore will NOT be able to connect. If this is managed by an agency, please have them confirm this step.


Before completing the follow steps, be sure to have created a Facebook Business Manager account, as mentioned previously. This account is the connection between Bluecore and Facebook. You will need the Ad Account ID in the below steps.

1. Login to your Bluecore account.
2. Navigate to the data icon on the left-hand side of the navigation.
3. Go to Integrations.
4. Click New Integration > Marketplace.
5. Search for the Facebook module in the integrations marketplace.
6. Click Add Module to add and install the Facebook module.

7. Enter the Ad Account ID.
8. Determine when the audience should expire. By default, this is set to two days.

  • TIP: The value that is configured here is set as an expired value with all uploaded users. For example, if the value is set to never, the audience is given an incremental upload each time, maintaining everyone on your list forever. If you select the audience to expire after two days, the cleanup of this audience will move users in and out based on the specified time frame.

9. Click Save in the lower right-hand corner.
10. Click Connect to establish the integration. 


After you’ve completed the above set up in Bluecore, the next step is to give Bluecore permission to access your Facebook Business Manager account.

1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Manager account.
2. Go to the Business Settings.
3. Then User Permissions.
4. Click Requests.
5. Accept the request from Bluecore.


After you’ve completed the above steps in Bluecore and Facebook, navigate back to the integrations page in Bluecore.

You should see the following success message that the connection has been established:

Your connection is now complete. Next, learn more about how to begin syncing audiences from Bluecore to Facebook.


Q: What does Unauthorized Facebook Account mean when I try to log into my Facebook account?

  • A: If you see an Unauthorized Facebook account message when you try to connect your Facebook account to Bluecore, check the following: Ensure you have accepted our request to link the accounts and accepted the terms of service to use Facebook’s custom audiences.

Q: Are you sending email lists as plaintext email or encrypted?

  • A: Bluecore encrypts the email lists prior to sending to Facebook to ensure your brand's data is kept private and secure.

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