The Bluecore integration with Shopify enables customers to fully implement Bluecore technology on their storefront. The unlisted app automatically deploys Bluecore tracking across the website. This will collect vast amounts of customer behavioral and CRM data, in addition to capturing live data about the storefront’s product catalog, syncing this information back to Bluecore. The app enables customers to quickly collect the critical data necessary to personalize marketing campaigns across Bluecore’s full product suite in a few easy steps.


  • If you’re onboarding to Bluecore, please reach out to your Customer Onboarding Manager (COM) to associate your Shopify store to Bluecore. Otherwise, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to complete this step. Bluecore will confirm when this is complete, allowing you to move to the next step.

  • Please provide Bluecore with your Shopify store name (for example: Click here for more information on where to find your Shopify store name.


1. Once your account is setup in Bluecore, your COM/CSM will share the Bluecore Shopify installation link to begin the installation process outlined in the following steps.

2. Click Add App at the top of the page.

3. Enter your Shopify store domain in the installation box.
4. Click Log in.
5. Then click Install app on the following page. This page is verifying that Bluecore will be able to view products and Shopify account data, and manage orders, customers, and your online store.

The Shopify app has been successfully installed! Please reach out to your COM if there are any problems completing this integration.


After the app has been successfully installed, the next step is to verify the integration. Bluecore will complete this step by double checking that the JavaScript is active on your website.


The Bluecore and Shopify integration can be uninstalled at any time. Uninstalling the app will remove Bluecore tracking from the website, preventing Bluecore from gathering any information.

  1. Navigate to the app dashboard.

  2. Delete the app from the app dashboard. This will automatically unregister the ScriptTag.

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