In order to include unique promotional codes in emails, you’ll need to upload and manage coupon banks within Bluecore.


To learn how to upload coupons, see Import Data for more info.


In order to see the coupons that have been uploaded, visit Data > Coupons. Here you will see a comprehensive list of the coupon banks that have been uploaded to Bluecore and which ones (if any) are actively being used in campaigns.

  • Coupon Bank Name: The bank name specified when the bank was uploaded.

  • Upload Date: The upload data listed in UTC time.

  • Total: The total number of coupons in the coupon bank. Note: additional coupons add be added to existing banks.

  • Distributed: The number of coupons that have been distributed to customers already.

  • Active Campaigns: The automated & one-time campaigns that actively pull from the bank.

  • Coupon Type: The type of offer available via the coupon: Free Shipping, $ Off, % Off, etc.

  • Coupon Value: Only shows if “$ Off” or “% Off” is selected as the coupon type when uploaded, and shows the exact $ or % off.


If a coupon bank that is actively being used in a campaign is about to run out of coupons, you can receive an email notification.

To setup your notifications, visit Campaigns > Communicate > Settings in the upper right hand corner. Navigate to Coupon Notifications on the left panel:

Please list everyone who should receive the alerts under Coupon Notification Recipient List, and configure the threshold at which the list should be notified.

After you recieve a low coupon alert, you will need to either (1) add coupons to the existing bank, or (2) create a new coupon bank and update the campaign to pull from the new bank.

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