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Managing Coupons for Bluecore Communicate™
Managing Coupons for Bluecore Communicate™

Learn more about how to upload and maintain your coupons to leverage within your email and text message campaigns.

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Entice your customers with a special offer by including a unique promotional code in Bluecore Communicate™ campaigns. Get started by uploading coupons.


The workflow for uploading coupons to be used across Bluecore Communicate™ is outlined in the Import Data article.

When configuring the coupon upload, be sure to select Communicate™ and not Site™.


View all uploaded coupons, navigate to Data > Coupons. View a comprehensive list of the coupon banks that have been uploaded to Bluecore Communicate™ and which are being actively used.

  • Coupon Bank Name: The bank name specified when the bank was uploaded.

  • Upload Date: The upload data listed in UTC time.

  • Total: The total number of coupons in the coupon bank.

    • NOTE: Additional coupons can be added to existing banks.

  • Distributed: The number of coupons that have been distributed to customers already.

  • Active Campaigns: The automated and one-time campaigns that actively pull from the bank.

  • Coupon Type: The type of offer available via the coupon: Free Shipping, $ Off, % Off, etc.

  • Coupon Value: Only shows if “$ Off” or “% Off” is selected as the coupon type when uploaded, and shows the exact $ or % off.


If a coupon bank that is actively being used in a campaign is about to run out of coupons, you can receive an email notification. The email addresses configured here will notify for all Bluecore Communicate™ campaigns (email and mobile messaging).

  1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Communicate.

  3. Then Settings.

  4. Click the Coupon Notifications tab at the top of the page.

  5. Enter email addresses to receive a notification with the coupon threshold has been reached.

After you receive a low coupon alert, you will need to either add coupons to the existing bank or create a new coupon bank and update the campaign to pull from the new bank.

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