Create a Global Widget

Learn more about how to created universal content that can be applied across your campaigns.

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Use Global Widgets as headers and footers in a template. Global Widgets can be used across multiple templates created in the Design Editor. Any changes will affect all relevant widgets, wherever they are used.

  1. Navigate to Creative > Email Global Widgets.

  2. A list of your Global Widgets displays.

  3. Click Create New Global Widget.


Click the edit icon next to the name field and enter a meaningful name for the Global Widget.


Add basic components to the Global Widget. For more information, see Create a Template with VTE.


  1. Click Preview to view a preview of your global widget in display, mobile, or code.

  2. See what your Global Widget looks like in any active campaign already leveraging the widget (if any).

  3. Click Close Preview to return to the template editor page.


In the Add Type drop-down, select the type of Global Widget you are creating. The options are:

  • Header

  • Footer

  • Offer

  • Content

Later on, you will be able to filter by Widget Type when managing Global Widgets.


Click Publish Global Widget to save and publish your changes. The Global Widget is now live and available for use as a header or footer.

A global widget can be unlinked to allow for editing that will not propagate to other templates using the same global widget.

Unlinking is available when viewing settings for a saved global widget that has been added to a template. To unlink, click Unlink Global Widget in the left configuration pane or hover over and click the Linked Global Widget link shown in the upper right corner of the widget in the preview pane.


When you are done using a Global Widget in your campaigns, we recommend archiving that widget. This will remove it from your Widget Library when building and updating campaigns, so you’ll only see active Global Widgets that are currently used.

Archiving a Global Widget will not delete the widget, or impact any live campaigns using the widget. You will simply not be able to add the widget to new campaigns going forward. You will be able to Unarchive the widget at any time.

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