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Edit a Campaign

Learn more about how to edit an active campaign.

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An active campaign can be edited in draft mode and changes will not go into effect until you publish them. This page explains how to edit an active campaign.

1. Navigate to the flag icon on the left-hand side of the navigation bar.
2. Go to Communicate.
3. Then Automated Campaigns or One-Time Campaigns.

  • NOTE: When clicking on Automated or One-Time Campaigns, you can only edit campaigns respective to the campaign type previously selected. You can learn more about creating a new campaign here.

4. Click the campaign you want to edit.
5. Click Create Draft to Edit Campaign. If there is already an unpublished draft of the campaign, click Edit Draft.


Edit the Audience: If you are leveraging an audience from your Audience Library, beside the audience you will see an arrow that will open a new tab with the selected audience. Edit the audience directly in the builder. All changes will go live immediately once the audience is saved.

Edit the Creative: If you have a One-Touch Campaign, edit the creative in the Message Tab. If you have a Multi-Touch Campaign, edit the creative for each touch by clicking on the Touch on the Canvas.


Once you have tested and viewed your proofs, save your draft.

Save Draft: The draft will save and stay in draft mode. To access the campaign draft, navigate to its details page and click on the Draft tab.

Save & Publish Draft: The edits will be merged into the active campaign and will take effect immediately.

If you do not want to publish your draft, click Close Draft in the upper right-hand corner at any time.

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