Email List Cleansing

Learn how to cleanse and validate your email lists to prevent and reduce deliverability issues.

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List Cleansing is the process of scrubbing your email list of invalid, disabled, and risky addresses.

Email lists play a major role in email deliverability. Every year, at least 22.71% of an email list degrades, and it’s important to remove inaccurate and inactive accounts to maintain list health. Using a list-cleansing solution will help you achieve high deliverability rates.

List hygiene also affects your email reputation. A poor-quality email list can have a direct impact on your sender reputation. It’s important to keep your list up-to-date.

By eliminating irrelevant contacts, List Cleansing improves the quality of your email list and increases the effectiveness of your email program. ISPs tend to favor senders with clean and regularly updated lists. It increases your brand’s credibility too!


Cleanse your old lists if you plan on introducing older, unengaged subscribers, as they can harm your sender reputation. The inactive list contains users who haven’t engaged with your email in the last 1-2 years.

  • NOTE: Talk to your CSM / Deliverability Manager about the list hygiene service Bluecore uses. It can take more than a week to cleanse the list.


You can get your list cleansing done through any third-party list validation services. However, if you choose to go with the Bluecore | AtData partnership, these are the following benefits:

  1. Bluecore has partnered with AtData to provide a seamless experience to the clients.

  2. You can just give the inactive list to Bluecore and forget. We will do everything on your behalf and will share the cleansed results back to you with relevant attributes and deliverability recommendations.

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