Email Deliverability Best Practices
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  • Mail to your most engaged subscribers on a regular basis. Don’t mail to your inactive subscribers frequently. A general rule of thumb is to maintain a ratio of 80/20 between your active vs. inactive subscribers to avoid any negative impact on your sender’s reputation. An active user is someone who has opened/clicked in the last 6 months.

  • Segment your audiences to send the right content to the right subscriber. Use Bluecore’s personalized product recommendations to personalize your emails with relevant content.

  • Maintain consistency in your send volume. Mailbox providers hate spikes in the sending volume and reprimand such senders by throttling their emails resulting in deferrals and bulk placement gradually.

  • Don’t increase your daily volume by more than 20% than the previous day. Check with your CSM & Deliverability Manager when adding sizable lists to your database or targeting your inactive database.

  • Maintain your lists’ health by scrubbing and removing any invalid addresses before ingesting them into your Bluecore’s email database. Sending a win back/re-engagement email to this database without doing a list cleanse can result in huge hard bounces and spam traps, thus causing harm to your sender’s reputation. Consult your CSM who can work with the Deliverability team to recommend best practices for targeting older databases.

  • Use your authenticated subdomain on every send.

  • Monitor your positive & negative engagement in tandem. For example, if your unique open rates are high and so is your spam rate or unsubscribe rate, then it's a clear indication of emails not being well-received by your subscribers - your subscribers are opening your emails only to unsubscribe from them.

  • Strategize before sending it to your in-active database. Instead of sending a one-off batch campaign, launch lifecycle campaigns like re-engagement series to your At-risk subscribers.

  • Send your most special offers to re-engage these At-risk subscribers.

  • Don’t send to anyone older than 365 days without consulting your CSM or Deliverability Manager (if you have delivery services).

  • Don’t send in bulk to your non-buyers older than 90 days or non-buyers who haven’t received any email from you during this period. Targeting such users can result in hard & soft bounces. Consider cleansing your lists to avoid deliverability issues.

  • If your unique open rates are declining then send to your most engaged subscribers to avoid a negative impact on your sender reputation due to less engagement. (Target 90 days openers/clickers for 2-3 weeks to build positive engagement)

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