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Mobile Wallet with Passkit Integration
Mobile Wallet with Passkit Integration

Learn how to integrate with Passkit and use mobile wallet coupons in your campaigns.

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Mobile wallet coupons are a type of digital coupon that leverages pre-installed mobile wallet apps like Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Once a coupon is saved to a wallet (from an email or mobile message), the shopper can access the coupon at point of sale to receive their discounts.

This feature will be integrated in both the email and SMS campaigns with the help of a third-party tool called PassKit. The Bluecore and PassKit integration allows you to instantly deliver wallet passes generated by Passkit to an audience through Bluecore email and SMS campaigns.


  1. Create your PassKit account to design your Apple and Google passes

  2. Before you can issue mobile wallet passes,you must have an Apple certificate uploaded to your PassKit account. You need to login to your PassKit account to upload this certificate. Please follow the instructions outlined here to upload a new certificate to your PassKit account.

Connecting PassKit to Bluecore

After a production account has been set up with PassKit, the next step is to enable PassKit within Bluecore’s internal settings. Enabling PassKit allows the PassKit integration to become available in Bluecore’s Marketplace.

Internal Settings

NOTE: This is an internal-only setting; contact your Bluecore representative to enable this.

  1. A new category has been added under the integration sections labeled Mobile Wallet.

  2. Enable this integration by toggling the PassKit integration to ON.

Connecting the PassKit Integration in the Bluecore Marketplace

Adding Passkit

  1. In Bluecore, navigate to the data icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Integrations.

  3. Click New Integration.

  4. Select the Marketplace.

  5. Click the Mobile Wallet tab on the left-hand side or search for PassKit.

    1. NOTE: If you are not seeing the mobile wallet tab or Passkit upon search, this integration may not have been enabled. Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

  6. Click the PassKit integration.

Configuring PassKit

  1. Leave the Program ID field empty for mobile wallet coupon integration.

  2. Click Connect to activate the Passkit Integration.

  3. Click Save.

Designing Coupons (Passes)

Passes are coupons designed using the PassKit portal. The style automatically determines how the pass looks and the amount of details it shows, including offer details and expiration settings. You can personalize passes with your logo, images, text, and links, with additional flexibility to determine where the details appear on the pass. However, there’s font and formatting limitations that are determined by Apple and Google, such as: the font type or style cannot be changed, the position of the logo or image, and the location of the barcode. Passes should be designed to be clear and optimized for all device types.

Dynamic coupon code:

  1. Under Add advanced fields, drag and drop the External ID field from the left panel onto the pass.

  2. Then, on the right panel, add this code to the display value:


Similarly, to add the dynamic QR code, add this code to Encoded Barcode Content field:


Please refer to PassKit help section for more details.

Copy the Project Key & Passkit URL

The project key is needed from PassKit to set up this integration. Follow the below steps to copy the project key.

  1. In PassKit, navigate to the membership program that’s being used to enroll shoppers.

  2. Click the Distribution tab in the header.

  3. Click SmartPass Links.

  4. Then, click the Command Line Tool button.

5. Scroll down to Details.

6. Copy your Project Key & Passkit URL.

Adding Wallet Passes to SMS Campaigns

Mobile passes can be added to SMS campaigns by using the same workflow as adding a coupon to a text message in the SMS content editor.

  1. Configure the text of the mobile message.

  2. Click the coupon icon to add a coupon to the message.

    1. NOTE: By default, a coupon code attribute is added to the message. Continue to the next step to configure a mobile wallet coupon link.

3. Select a coupon from the coupon modal.

  • NOTE: You need to have a coupon bank already uploaded to Bluecore via File Management for this to work properly.

4. Turn the mobile wallet link toggle to ON.

5. Enter the PassKit URL and Project Key. These are a unique value that is given when the coupon is configured in PassKit. Copy these value from PassKit and enter it here.

6. A unique mobile wallet link is generated when the campaign is sent.

7. Preview the campaign. A static link is displayed in the preview that will dynamically populate a wallet pass link upon send.

8. Review the mobile wallet coupon information on the campaign summary page.. The Passkit URL that was entered during message creation is shown here.

Adding Wallet Passes to Email Campaigns

Mobile wallet coupons can be added to email campaigns by using the button element in the Visual Template Editor (VTE).

  1. Drag and drop the button element onto the canvas.

  2. Recommended to check the Hide widget on mobile or desktop and select Hide on desktop radio button

  3. Configure the button as an image with an image source or the image library.

  4. Copy and paste the following code reference in the button's "link to" field. This enables the dynamic code block to appear.


5. Select a coupon from the coupon modal.

6. Turn the mobile wallet link toggle to ON.

7. Enter the PassKit URL & Project Key. This is a unique value that is given when the coupon is configured in PassKit. Copy this value from PassKit and enter it here.

8. Review the mobile wallet coupon information on the campaign summary page. This will show the Passkit URL that was entered during message creation is shown here.

Adding Mobile Wallet Passes to Keyword and Replies

Repeat the above steps on how to add a mobile wallet coupon to an SMS message to add a mobile wallet coupon to a previously saved keyword and reply.


Analytics can be viewed by logging into PassKit and navigating to the coupons section.

Refer to PassKit help section for more information.

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