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Dive Into Learning with Bluecore Explore
Dive Into Learning with Bluecore Explore

Learn about Bluecore's new premiere learning hub with videos, resources, and more.

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Bluecore Explore is our BRAND NEW one-stop-shop for training and learning material!

Now, you have a single place to learn about all things Bluecore.

Get access to:

  • Step-by-step videos,

  • Monthly live webinars,

  • Certifications per product,

  • Product releases,

  • Links to Knowledge Base, guides, e-books,

  • Free templates and downloads for quick reference,

  • …and much more!


Now, you can learn only what you need when you need it. Want to learn a whole product in less than an hour without any waiting? Want to access heaps of foundational information and get your questions answered immediately? Bluecore Explore is the tool to use!

Need inspiration to get started? Try our brand new Platform course pathway and learn:

  • Types of digital marketing campaign experiences you can build for shoppers,

  • How to navigate around the UI and platform,

  • How to get set up for success by importing files and assets, assigning users roles / permissions, etc.

  • A breakdown of our machine learning and AI-powered models for segmenting audiences

  • How to use audiences in Bluecore to target shoppers

  • How to surface relevant product recommendations in campaigns using dynamic product rules

…and that’s just the beginning!


There are two ways to access Bluecore Explore - either from inside the platform or by going directly to the website.

  1. If you navigate to Bluecore Explore from inside the platform, you’ll be automatically signed in.

  2. If you want to access Bluecore Explore via link, navigate to You will need valid Bluecore Okta credentials to SSO (single sign-on). Don’t have Bluecore credentials? Contact your CSM.

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