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Getting Started with Bluecore Transparent Identification
Getting Started with Bluecore Transparent Identification

Learn about Bluecore's industry-leading identification and ID network.

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Bluecore Transparent ID is an industry-leading identification and ID network that empowers retailers to improve reach, performance, and revenue by removing the black-box around identification rates.

ID rate metrics (V1) are now available internally, with the goal to have this in the platform by early 2024. This is a first step towards making identification rates and sources accessible to our customers in order to give them the visibility they need for strategic growth and improvement.

In addition to the data points, our teams have been equipped with the playbooks and audits to identify any areas where identification performance is lagging, allowing us to proactively address technical blockers and recommend strategic and tactical opportunities to further increase ID rate.

Your Customer Success Manager will be sharing your ID Rate regularly with you moving forward.


Website identification plays a vital role in driving revenue growth. It unlocks the ability to trigger high intent messaging across channels to nurture known shoppers into customers, and existing customers into loyalists through personalized engagement. This new enhancement enables us to diagnose any areas where your Bluecore identification performance may be lagging, allowing us to address technical blockers and identify strategic and tactical opportunities to further increase your rates.


  • Integration Health

    • Bluecore JS

    • Email Appends

  • Site capture strategy

  • Purchase frequency (e.g. one-and-done buyers or high repeat purchase rate)

  • Loyalty program

  • Marketing mix / spend, which impacts traffic source (paid, organic, etc.)

  • Integrations into an identity network or SMS provider (if applicable)

NOTE: If your website classifies cookies as Required, Functional, Advertising, etc. -- ensure that your site team has classified Bluecore cookies as Functional in order to get the best performing and most accurate ID rate. Doing so ensures our javascript will deploy on all site sessions.


Our Customer Success teams now have access to your ID rate and are able to provide this information to you. In addition to that, they are kicking off a workstream of ID Audits for all our customers to flag any areas that need to be discussed and actioned on to help with improving ID rates.


Q: How is ID rate measured?

  • A: ID Rate = Total identified sessions ÷ Total sessions

Q: What is a session?

  • A: The Bluecore session starts when a user hits the site and ends after 30 minutes. If the user is still active on-site after 30 minutes, a new session will start.

Q: Is my ID rate good or bad?

  • A: There is no good or bad ID rate. There are many factors (above) like purchase frequency, traffic sources, and other things that impact where your starting point is for identification. Regardless, ID rate is an input into your reach -- and our goal is to increase it by leaning into the factors within your immediate control in order to maximizing your chances of IDing as many visitors as possible. Remember: the higher your rate is, the more personalized messages you can send with Bluecore. More reach + superior Bluecore personalization = more revenue.

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