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Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2023
Q1: February 1 - April 30, 2023
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  • Communicate: Bluecore Mobile™ A/B Testing & Holdout Groups (April 30)
    Rapidly identify winning campaigns and champion scenarios by comparing shopper engagement across variations of similar campaigns or against a holdout.

  • Communicate: Bluecore Mobile™ Transactional SMS (April 30)
    Deliver time sensitive information like alerts and notifications to shoppers in their preferred channel via real-time transactional messaging.

  • Communicate: Bluecore Mobile™ Tap-to-Join-Sign-Up (April 30)
    Increase mobile list growth with expedited SMS capture process: the shopper clicks the sign-up button which loads their default messaging app with a text message pre-populated and ready to send to opt-in.

  • Communicate: Channel Affinity (April 30)
    Reach your shoppers in their preferred channel – Channel Affinity utilizes a predictive, Machine Learning-based model to target audience to those with highest affinity for a particular channel - Email or SMS - to optimize channel performance.

  • Site: Site Live Campaign Editing (April 30)
    Edit active or live Site Campaigns without deactivating or pausing. Simply create an unpublished version, make your changes, and publish.

  • Platform: Attentive Integration (April 30)
    Integrate Bluecore with Attentive to automatically capture IDs from Attentive’s capture modals and start sending marketing emails to new contacts immediately. This integration also helps keep contact data and opt-in status up-to-date.

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