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Understanding SMS Sending Codes
Understanding SMS Sending Codes

Learn more about the different types of SMS sending codes and what is available with Bluecore.

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When referring to SMS sending codes, there are a few different types that can be used to send an SMS campaign. Learn more about each of the types below.

  • Toll-free Code: This is a free to use phone number beginning with an 800 prefix that is used to send and receive messages (for example, 1-800-123-SHOP).

  • Short Code (not available for pilot): A five or six digit phone number used to send and receive SMS messages (for example, 12345). In Bluecore, all short codes are dedicated for every brand. Therefore, you can choose a memorable numerical combination. Short codes are best used for businesses that want to send a large volume of messages to their customers.

  • A2P 10DLC (not available for pilot): New standard 10 digit number with better deliverability, lower filtering risk, and improved compliance over SMS long codes. These are also lower cost compared to short codes.

Toll-Free Code

Short Code


US and Canada only

US and Canada only


10 digits

5-6 digits

Time to Provision

Available immediately

8-12 week application

SMS Throughput

  • NOTE: Segments are character batches that phone carriers use to measure text messages. One segment is made up of 160 characters for GSM-7 and 70 characters for USC-2. Click here to learn more about segments and character counts.

3 SMS segments per second

Depending on the sending code that is being used, these messages may be sent at a slower speed. For example, a message that’s sent to 25,000 users with 4 message segments equals 100,000 messages. Because this is being sent through a toll-free code, this could take 9+ hours to be delivered.

100 SMS per second

Best for

  • Programs just getting started OR

  • Programs with opt-in lists < 100,000 OR

  • Programs with time sensitive messages

Mature SMS programs due to:

  • Cost

  • Live program required to complete the application process

  • Opportunity for brand-specific vanity numbers


To get started with Bluecore SMS, the first step is to get a sending code to send SMS through. In order to get your program up and running quickly, you will start with a high throughput toll-free code. Get a high throughput toll-free number by following the below steps.

1. Navigate to the data icon on the left-hand navigation.

2. Go to Integrations.

3. Select the Bluecore SMS Integration.

4. Click the Campaign sub-tab.

5. Click Add Toll-Free Number.

Then, select a random number, specific number, or a vanity number.

  • Random Number: Use the button in the pop-up to generate a random phone number to send SMS messages.

  • Specific Number: Use the search box to search for a specific number. If the number is available, it can be added to use to send SMS messages.

  • Vanity Number: Use the search box to search for a specific combination of numbers and 7 letters or less (for example, 1-800-123-SHOP). If the number is available, it can be added to use to send SMS messages.

6. After you’ve selected a number, click Add Number on the pop-up.

This high throughput toll-free number is available immediately to begin sending messages through. Next, set up any sending code-level SMS settings.

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