Bluecore Site™ Lead Capture Stats

Learn more about the different ways that leads are being captured through your Bluecore Site™ campaigns.

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Use this report to better understand the different metrics available that are specific to the way that your leads are being captured with your Bluecore Site™ campaigns. Access this dashboard by following the below steps.

  1. Navigate to the chart icon on the left-hand navigation.

  2. Go to Site.

  3. Then Lead Capture Stats.


Filters are available at the top of the report. They can be used to refine the available data within the the lead capture stats report. After applying a filter, be sure to click the run button at the top right-hand of the screen to apply the applicable filters.

  • Show Analytics From: The specified time frame to show analytics.


  • Lead by Source: A visual representation of the source of where the leads are coming from. For example, directly from the website.

  • Time Series New Lead: A graphical timeline representation of the number of leads acquired over the specified time frame.

  • Campaign Stats: View a snapshot of the Bluecore Site™ campaigns during this time frame and the number of emails captured.

  • Page View/Lead: The average number of times the page was viewed before an email address was submitted for all campaigns during the specified time frame

  • Session by User Type: A visual representation of the different identified Bluecore user types (new, returning, and known).

    • New: The total number of users visiting the website for the first time.

    • Returning: The total number of users that have visited the website more than once, but have not yet been identified.

    • Known: The total number of users that have been identified by Bluecore on the website. Users can be identified when they login, enter their email in a Site™ campaign, or are redirected from a Bluecore email to the website.

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