Using a Content Sync with Recommendations

Learn more about how to use a content sync with Bluecore's recommendations.

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After you’ve created a template and added it to a campaign, you can use a custom code block to populate content in your template. The code block will populate with your synced content. Content sync is an easy way to create consistency across your website and emails. For example, 124 Rivington has a banner at the top of their homepage that is updated weekly. 124 Rivington also wants this banner at the top of their emails. With content sync, content only needs to be updated on the website and it will automatically sync in Bluecore. To make your website content available for content sync, contact your Client Success Manager.


Specific Content is synced from your website by Bluecore. When updates are made on your website, the content will also update in Bluecore. This is content from your content catalog.


Custom Content is content that has rules assigned to it. For example, 124 Rivington sells city-specific shirts and use Custom Content to make sure customers in Los Angeles don’t receive promotions for Boston themed shirts.

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