Dynamic Products from Catalog Rule Overview

Learn more about how to use the dynamic products from catalog rule with product recommendations.

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The dynamic products from catalog rule will display suggested products based on the product filters you set. Use this rule to show a specific product lineup, for example, a specific set of three shirts.

Configure the following criteria:

  • Filter Criteria: Include only products that match the configured filter criteria.

  • Number of Products Shown: Up to 20 products may be displayed.

  • Sort by: Sort the displayed products by new arrivals (based on the products created date) or best sellers in the last 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days.

  • Preview: View a preview of example products based on the above criteria.

  • Sorted by: Sort the displayed products by default or by highest margin.


If the above criteria are not met when the email is being sent to customers, you can select a fallback option to ensure products are displayed in the email.

You can select one of the other recommendations types (, co-recommendations, best sellers, or new arrivals) or choose to:

  • Not Show the Product Block: The product block will collapse and not be shown to the customer; the email will still send.

  • Not Send the Email: The email will not be sent to the customer.


We want to send an email that publicizes new books that are $10 or less. If you use the Products Selected from Catalog rule, you can set the products with Category is books, Total price is less than $10.00, and sorted by New Arrivals.

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