Next Best Purchase Rule Overview

Learn more about how to use the next best purchase rule with product recommendations.

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The Next Best Purchase rule displays the customer’s predicted next purchase. Next Best provides marketers with a dynamic and continuously learning recommendation strategy that can be used across their entire email list.

The models leverage Bluecore’s unique data assets, specifically its full historical and real-time understanding of how customers interact with the website, for example what products they view, cart or purchase as well as how they’ve engaged with products recommendations in past campaign sends. This unique feedback loop is combined with Bluecore’s deep and real-time understanding of the retail catalog to continuously explore and optimize the products and categories that should be recommended to each customer. Click here to read a technical overview of Bluecore’s Next Best Purchase recommendations intelligence.

  • NOTE: Product Recommendations are generated for all customers to ensure full coverage for the audience you are targeting.

Configure the following criteria for next best purchase:

  • Number of Products Shown: Up to 20 products may be displayed.

  • Category Specific: Only show category specific products to customers based on their top category.

  • Filter Criteria: Include only products that match the configured filter criteria.

  • Sorted by: Sort the displayed products by default or by highest margin.


If the above criteria are not met when the email is being sent to customers, you can select a fallback option to ensure products are displayed in the email.

You can select one of the other recommendations types (next best purchase, co-recommendations, best sellers, or new arrivals) or choose to:

  • Not Show the Product Block: The product block will collapse and not be shown to the customer; the email will still send.

  • Not Send the Email: The email will not be sent to the customer.


Use Bluecore’s new category specific option with Next Best Purchase rule to deliver a highly personalized batch email that’s using Smart Content and Recommendations, creating a highly personalized Bluecore Smart Campaign™. Using the category specific option paired with Next Best Purchase ensures that the creative of the Smart Campaign aligns with the product recommendations featured in the email.

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