Transactional API

Learn more about Bluecore’s Transactional API and the different methods required for setup.

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Check out the below link to access Bluecore’s Transactional API documentation. This documentation covers API authorization, sending a transactional email, and get the status of an email. It is recommended that a member of your IT team completes this setup, as it requires a highly technical skillset.

Before getting started, you will need the previously provided API key to complete this setup. If you do not have an API key, please reach out to our product support team at

NOTE: The transactional API is intended for server-to-server communication only. Calling the transactional API from a browser can expose your API token publicly. If you've attempted this already, you should immediately reach out to Bluecore support to cycle your API token.


If you’re a marketer looking to set up a transactional or real-time welcome campaign, click here to view our getting started guide.

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